• Beginner Guide to 6 Basic Types of Highlights

    People go to the salons to get their hair done, and try to convey to their stylist of what they have in mind. But sometimes you and your stylist arenโ€™t on the same page. You tell them you want the highlights to start from your eyes, a little darker from the tips and lighter towards the end strands. All of a sudden, your colourist...
  • Innovative M-Blendโ„ข Technology

    Hair extensions are designed to help accentuate your look to give you an overall beautiful look. You donโ€™t want to put extensions that are not blending in thus looking artificial. You certainly want that natural look and feel. But most of the time there are cases of ladies who end up finding that their money spent on putting on an expensive extension was just...
  • Everything You Need to Know About Mhot Hair

    When customers are shopping for human hair extensions or weaves, what they are most concerning? First of all, QUALITY. The high quality of human hair products means tangling and shading will not happen, they are easy to maintain, long last and can be styled and colored. MHOT True Remy Hair As a manufacturer, we search across the world to source the best quality human...
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