Mhot unique clip weft design is so thin at the top and blends seamlessly to any head of hair.

Seamless Clip In

Mhot newest seamless range utilises the latest technology in seamless weft design to create an ultra discreet, lightweight set.

  • Thinner than traditional wefts
  • Blends more natural and realistic
  • Light and comforatable to wear
  • Reduce shedding and tangling

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are seamless clip in hair extensions?

Our newest seamless range utilises the latest technology in seamless weft design to create an ultra discreet, lightweight set. Mhot Seamless range is 20% lighter than our standard laced weft and ultra natural once applied. Their streamline design ensure no bulky wefts and ultimate comfort throughout the day, whilst still providing the same thickness and composition as our standard clip in sets.

2. Are Seamless hair extensions water resistant?

Yes, Seamless extensions are water resistant. However, we recommend ensuring your extensions don’t come into contact with water for longer than 20 to 30 minutes, like during washing. This is because, over time, water may seep into the base cavities of the silicone weft band. This can make the drying process difficult since silicone is not as breathable as having a fabric base.

3. Does Mhot seamless hair extensions shed?

Shedding is very normal with hair extensions, just like your own hair. Some shedding is to be expected when you first open up your set and brush it through in the first one or two wears however this should slow down from then on. It is due to excess hair which was not 100% secured in the making. We allow for 3-5% hair loss in the weight of your set. If you feel there is excessive shedding in your set, please feel free to contact us!

4. What happens if clips come loose or fall off?

In rare cases with clip in hair extensions, the clips can come loose and sometimes even break. Never fear, these can be replaced or re-attached very easily. You will need a needle and thread, scissors and a spare clip if it is broken, two spare clips are included with all Mhot sets. Stitch a few notches through the holes in the clips and create a knot to secure them. the more stitches you do through each hole, the more secure it will feel.

5.Special care tips for Seamless hair extensions

As is the case with all clip-in extensions, we advise you to care for your Mhots with love. Creating a good routine with your Mhot Hair extensions from the start will help prolong their lifespan. Since they are made from 100% Remy human hair, they can be styled and washed just like your regular hair, however, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing and product use to a minimum. Keep in mind that unlike your own hair, which receives natural hydration from the oils on your scalp, hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source. Therefore, keeping them hydrated is key to keeping them shiny and in good condition.

6. Does heat damage the base of the wefts?

Anything higher may run the risk of damaging the hair, as with any other clip-in extensions. This is because the hair is not being revitalized at the scalp like our own hair is, and over time excessive heat and high temperatures may cause wear and tear to your set, and could potentially loosen the silicone bond with the hair. Generally speaking, heat will not damage the base of the weft unless it is very high. One of the best thing about our extensions? They don’t need to be styled at a high heat temperature any way to see results. Our extensions will curl and straighten with ease using low heat.

7. What styling temperature is recommended?

When styling your seamless hair extensions with high heat, we recommend setting your tool at 120C/250F degrees or lower.


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