Clip In Remy Hair Extensions

Dirty Blonde (18)

100% Refined Remy Hair (intact cuticles)

  • Jet Black (1)
  • Off Black (1B)
  • Dark Brown (2)
  • Chocolate Brown (4)
  • Chestnut Brown (6)
  • Dark Auburn Brown (33)
  • Dirty Blonde (18)
  • Honey Blonde (27)
  • Platinum Blonde (60)
  • Beach Blonde (613)
  • Balayage Dark Brown (P8/T2/8)
  • Balayage Mochachino Brown (P2/T2/18)
  • Balayage Chocolate Brown (P4/T4/27)
  • Balayage Honey Blonde (P27/T4/27)
  • Balayage Medium Brown (P6/T4/6)
  • Balayage Brown Champagne Blonde (P18/T2/23)
  • Ombre Brown/Honey Blonde (P27/T2/6/27)
  • Sunny Blonde Highlights (P4/27)
  • Dirty/Honey Blonde Highlights (P18/27)
  • Platinum Blonde Highlights (P6/18/60)
  • Dirty/Beach Blonde Highlights (P18/613)
  • Platinum Blonde Highlights (P20/24/60)
  • Honey/Beach Blonde Highlights (P27/613)
  • Brown / Blonde Highlights (P6/18/613)
  • Ombre Natural Black/Chocolate Brown (T1B/2/4)
  • Ombre Off Black/Chocolate Brown (T1B/4)
  • Ombre Off Black/Chestnut Brown (T1B/6)
  • Ombre Dark Brown/Golden Blonde (T2/4/23)
  • Ombre Dark Brown/Chestnut Brown (T2/6)
  • Ombre Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde (T2/18)
  • Ombre Chestnut Brown/Dirty Blonde (T6/18)
  • Ombre Ash Brown/Pale Golden Blonde (T8/24)
  • Ombre Light Ash Brown/Beach Blonde (T9/613)
  • Ombre Medium Ash Brown/Beach Blonde (T10/613)
  • Ombre Light Golden Brown/Beach Blonde (T12/613)
  • Ombre Dirty Blonde/Beach Blonde (T18/613)
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    MHOT classic weft clip in sets are french laced & triple wefted, whereas our seamless weft clip in extensions utilises the latest technology to create an ultra discreet set, 30% thinner band & seamless blending.

    Hair: 100% REMY human hair


    Weight: 140g - 220g per set

    Total Pieces: 10

    Range Contains:

    1.1 inches wide weft: 4 pieces

    4 inches wide weft: 2 pieces

    6 inches wide weft: 2 pieces

    7.5 inches wide weft: 1 piece

    8.5 inches wide weft: 1 piece


    Weight: 110g per set

    Total Pieces: 7

    Range Contains:

    1.2 inches wide weft: 1 piece

    4 inches wide weft: 3 pieces

    6 inches wide weft: 2 pieces

    8 inches wide weft: 1 piece


    MHOT is loved by hair stylists and influencers. They love to share MHOT hair extensions with their fans and friends.


    Our own factory, no middleman.

    Sourcing the best hair, for the best.

    High ratio of long hair to short hair.

    7 steps quality control.


    • True Remy Hair 
    • Thick End  
    • M-Blend™

    As a manufacturer, we source the best TRUE remy human hair. Many brands out there claim to have the best “remy hair”, but quality always comes first, there are no shortcuts. This is our believe.

    With higher ratio of long hair to short hair, our hair extensions are designed to keep almost the same thickness from top to bottom, which provides you with a luxury full hair appearance.

    MHOT hair extensions feature a multi-tonal adapting coloring technology, so even if your hair color is slightly different color, it will still blend well.


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    16 inches110g (7 pcs)140g (10 pcs)
    18 inches110g (7 pcs)160g (10 pcs)
    20 inches110g (7 pcs)180g (10 pcs)
    22 inches110g (7 pcs)200g (10 pcs)
    24 inches110g (7 pcs)220g (10 pcs)

    Elegant Set:

    These sets are suited to finer hair and will add volume & length in a natural way.

    Luxurious Set:

    If your hair is fine/med and you are looking for more volume as well as some length we recommend our MHOT luxurious range, these sets provide even more hair. It will also blend in with naturally thick hair and create lots of volume for all hair types.

    Thanks! Code: MHOTHAIR. Wishing you a happy shopping!