Beginner's Guide to Hair Extensions for 2023 (With Pros and Cons of Each Type)

Hair extensions are appealing because they allow you to instantly change up your look, add length and volume to your natural hair. For women who have never dabbled in hair extensions before. They must have a lot of questions about different types of hair extensions, how these extensions work, how to apply them, if they are worth it, and more. Here we will introduce different types of hair extensions for you. Ranging from clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, flip-in, cold and hot fusion. As a result, you will know how to choose one type of hair extension that best suitable for you. 

First of all, you should know real human hair extension is always better than synthetic one because human hair extension can be styled, colored like your hair, making it perfectly blend with your natural hair.


What Is Clip In Hair Extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in weaves, is an attachment method where wefts of hair can be easily installed into your natural hair by multiple small pressure sensitive clips. One set of clip in hair extensions includes several different sized wefts of hair, ranging from one, two, three, to four clips.

This attachment method is very popular in fashion, the reason is clip in hair extensions are very easy to maintain and apply. And they will be perfectly blended with your natural hair and create a full look for you. This method is least permanent and you do need to remove your extensions every night before you go to bed, but it is very safe and lacks the disadvantages such as traction alopecia caused by glue or other extensions method.



If you don’t want to wear your hair extension all the time, the clip-ins method is a better choice for you because you can easily take them off afterward. Clip in remy hair extensions also work great for special occasions like parties, business meetings, weddings, and dinners, they can change up your look in a snap.

Clip-ins are typically sewn onto French lace. There is another different type of clip-in method available on market, which called seamless clip in hair extensions, also know as silicone-weft hair extensions.

Seamless clip-in extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to create a more natural-looking and comfortable hairstyle. They are especially popular among people with fine or thin hair who are looking for a way to add volume and length without the bulkiness or visibility of traditional clip-ins.

These extensions could bring more natural look for you than classic clip-in hair extensions, as they are made with a very thin silicone-weft band that can lay incredibly flat against your head. The silicone band also makes the extensions more lightweight, which is ideal for people with fine or thin hair who may find traditional clip-ins too heavy. The seamless design of the extensions also means that they can be more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Like traditional clip-ins, seamless clip-in extensions come in various weft sizes and can be customized to match your natural hair color and texture. They are easy to apply and remove, and can be styled with heat tools and products like your natural hair.

If you have thin or fine hair and find that traditional clip-ins are too bulky or heavy, seamless clip-in extensions could be a great option for you. They are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and provide a more natural-looking and comfortable hairstyle. It is still recommended to consult with a stylist to ensure that the extensions are applied correctly and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. With the right application and care, seamless clip-in hair extensions can give you a fuller, longer, and more natural-looking hairstyle.

 clip in hair extensions


How Much Does It Cost?

$100 to $500 at Salon

How to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions?

Start with a hair weft that has three clips on it, making sure all clips are in opening position. You should work from the back of your head. Section off the bottom inch of your hair and secure the rest of it by using a claw clip. Attach the weft clip on that section by sliding it into your natural hair and snapping close. Make sure the weft lies flat along your scalp. And then secure rest hair wefts as the first.

Read this article to watch MHOT influencer's video guide on how to use MHOT clip in hair extensions

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to install. You can apply them in less than in 5 - 10 minutes without any help from a hairstylist. This method is very suitable for people who want to instantly change up their look for special occasions or events.

How Long Will It Last?

Clip-in hair extensions have a very long life span because they are not worn every single day, unlike semi-permanent hair extensions that get washed with your natural hair. Under proper maintenance, this method can last up to one year. 


  • Clip-ins method is very easy to apply and remove, even for beginners.
  • no tools are required for an application.
  • no damage to your natural hair and no pain when applying it.
  • This method has a very long life span.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Affordable price range.


  • You can't sleep with them, must take off before go to bed.
  • not suitable for thin, fine hair.

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    What Is Flip-in Hair Extensions

    Flip in hair extensions, are also known as halo hair extensions. Instead of multiple wefts like with clip-in hair extension, this method secures only one big weft to your head by using a transparent wire that places around the crown area of your head like a halo, this is the reason why we call it halo hair extensions. The bottom half of the wire attaches the weft of hair, while the top half remains bare. You can hide the wire by placing it under your natural hair, therefore making it easily and perfectly blend with your natural hair.


    halo hair extensions


    Since the Flip-in method does not secure the weft to your existing hair, there is less weight happening on your natural locks. This hair extension method is very safe and easy to use.


    How Much Does It Cost?

    $100 to 500 at Salon

    How to Apply Flip-in Hair Extensions?

    Place your hair extension at the top of your head, then adjust the transparent wire to secure your extensions on your head. Use a tail comb to pull your natural hair through the wire, which will hide the extension part under your natural hair. Style to blend with your own hair.

    How Long Does It Take to Apply?

     This method is also super easy to apply. You can wear it in less than 5 minutes.

    How Long Will It Last?

    Like the clip-ins method, this method also has a very long life span.


    • very easy to use and remove.
    • no damage to your own hair.
    • no tools required for an application.
    • low maintenance and long life span.


    • flip in hair extensions must be taken off before going to bed.
    • not suitable for short hair.

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      What Is Tape In Hair Extensions:

      For people with thin, fine hair, tape-in hair extensions are very suitable for them, because the hair doesn’t combine with lace-weft, but with small tapes that are very thin and about 4cm wide. A set of tape in hair extension includes about 20 small pieces of hair extension. Each piece of hair extension comes with a piece of single or double-sided tape along the base. A piece of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pre-taped extensions. One of the best parts about tape-in hair extensions is that they are invisible and blend seamlessly with your natural hair because the extensions lie completely flat against your head. The entire process of installation would take about one to two hours and is not too time-consuming. The installation process might be a little harder for a beginner, we recommend leave it to a professional stylist.


      tape in hair extensions


      Another best part of tape-in hair extensions is that they are very easy to maintain. Even with the extensions in, you still can shampoo, condition, and style your hair as usual. However, make sure you don’t use alcohol-infused hair care products as it can break down the glue, causing the extension to fall out.

      With proper maintenance, tape-in hair extensions can last between 6-8 weeks. As your hair grows out every six to eight weeks, the tape inches farther away from the root of your natural hair. You need to let your stylist move them up.

      When removing your tape-ins, using an alcohol-based solution or slippery oil is a great way to make sure a seamless removal without ripping your hair out, the alcohol can dilute down the glue and allows extensions to slip right off from your hair with no residue left behind. You need to pay attention to use removal liquid products because they are extremely flammable!!! We recommend you should visit a professional stylist to help you remove your extensions.


      How Much Does It Cost?

      $200+ at Salon

      How to Apply Tape-in Hair Extensions?

      There is a sandwich method applied in the application of tape hair extensions, a section of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pre-taped extensions.

      How Long Does It Take to Apply?

      This is not too time-consuming method. It takes about one hour for an application, depending on your stylist.

      How Long Will It Last?

      Tape-in hair extensions can last for 6 to 8 weeks under proper maintenance.


      • Tape-in method is suitable for thin, fine hair.
      • Lays flat against your scalp, perfectly blends with your natural hair.
      • Easy to maintain, you can sleep with them.
      • Even with extensions in , you still can shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual.


      • Tape-In hair extensions need to remove and reapply every six to eight weeks.
      • You can't use any alcohol-infused hair care products because they can cause the wefts to slip out.

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        What Is Sew-in Hair Extensions:

        Sew-in hair extensions, also known as weave or braided extensions, are very suitable for people with curly, coarse or thick hair. Your hairstylist will braid your natural hair horizontally from ear to ear to create a base for the extensions before sewing wefts of hair into the braids. The whole process can take between two and five hours. Commonly sew-ins method can last up to 12 weeks, which is the reason why it is very welcome for women who want to grow out their hair or give it a rest from heat styling. This sew-ins method is great as you do not need to tape anything, use glue, or heat.


        sew in hair extensions


        After you apply the sew-in weave, stick with your usual washing and conditioning routine. If you want to take out your weave, you should visit an experienced stylist or get help from your trusted friend who knows how.


        How Much Does It Cost?

        $275+ at Salon

        How to Apply Sew-In Hair Extensions?

        For applying sew-in hair extensions, your natural hair needs to be horizontally braided from ear to ear to create a base for the extensions, and then wefts of hair are sewn into the braided.

        How Long Does It Take to Apply?

         It takes 2-3 hours, depending on your stylist.

        How Long Will It Last?

        This method can last for 2-6 weeks, very suitable for client with thick, coarse hair.


        • No heat or glue is required for an application.
        • very suitable for people with chick, coarse hair.


        • This method can create added tension on your scalp which can cause hair loss.
        • This is time-consuming method, can take several hours for an application.


          What Is Cold Fusion Hair Extensions:

          There are two different cold fusion methods available on market, micro loop link and micro ring (I-tip) hair extensions. The two methods look very similar, but they are also a little different in applying technique.

          The micro-loop method is more user-friendly to apply human hair extensions than Micro-ring method. On the top of each strand of hair extensions, a plastic loop and tiny copper ring is being attached. A small strand of your natural hair is pulled through the pre-attached copper ring by pulling the plastic loop, then this ring is clamped flat to attach to your natural hair. In the whole process of installing micro-loop hair extensions, just a pair of hair extensions pliers is needed to clamp those copper rings. Although this method is quicker and easier to apply on than micro ring method, it is harder to be maintained. Those tiny rings are pre-attached on each strand of hair extension, which means it is hard to replaced by a new one. This method is not suitable for fine hair, as they are more visible and more prone to slipping.


          micro loop hair extensions


          In the Micro-ring method, the hair extensions are used is I-tip hair extensions. Instead of the extensions and rings are pre-attached, they are separate from each other. When installing I-tip hair extensions, a metal pulling loop is required. Once the ring is installed on your hair, the strand of I-tip hair extension is inserted into the ring and clamped flat via a pair of pliers. 

          This method is more invisible and less likely to fall out, as it allows the rings to be clamped flatter. The color of micro rings can be customized, which means you can choose one color best suitable to your hair color. One of the best parts about Micro-ring method is I-tip hair extensions can be re-used with new rings over and over again. For those who wish to wear their hair extensions for many months, this micro ring method is a great option for them.

           Since cold fusion is an individual strand method, it moves a little more naturally. This method is also a great option if you want to add highlights or lowlights on your natural hair. To protect your natural hair from damage, tiny rings are usually made with copper and lined with silicone.


          How Much Does It Cost?

          $300 to 500 at Salon

          How to Apply Cold Fusion Hair Extensions?

          A small section of your natural hair is threaded through a micro-ring. Next, a small strand of hair extension is inserted into the ring. Finally, the ring is clamped flat to attach to your natural hair.

          How Long Does It Take to Apply?

          This is a time-comsuming method, takes 3-6 hours for an application. 

          How Long Will It Last?

          This method can last for 2 to 5 months.


          • no heat or glue required for an application.
          • long-lasting hair extension method.
          • lightweight.


          • one of the time-consuming hair extensions method for an application.
          • some wearers are agitated by those hard attachments in their hair.
          • require extra care during sytling.
          • maintenance appointments every month for adjustments.


            What is Hot Fusion Hair Extension?

            Hot fusion hair extensions are one of the original forms of hair extensions. They consist of hair strands and keratin bonding materials. The end of each strands are pre-filled with keratin.

            Since your hair is already made from 90% of keratin, a protein compound, this method is actually gentler on the hair than normal glue.

            hot fusion extensions

            How Much Does It Cost?

            $300 to $500 at Salon

            How to Apply Hot Fusion (Pre-Bonded) Hair Extensions?

            Apply the pre bonded hair bundles to the roots of the hair shaft with lower heat and keratinized protein bonds. This allows the extension to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

            A hot air gun (also known as a fusion connector) will be used to melt the keratin glue onto your real hair. It solidifies the keratin bonds, which are then flattened by a technician using their fingers to cool them.


            apply hot fusion hair extension

            How Long Does It Take to Apply?

            They require at least about 2-3 hours of installation time and are perfect for long-haired people who need long-term hair extension solutions, as this glue can sometimes cause noticeable fluff in thinner hair.

            How Long Will It Last?

            This method of hair extension will last 3-5 months. The better you treat them, the longer they will last. This includes carefully brushing your hair with a brush dedicated to extensions. Do not overheat with flat iron or curling irons. Wash only 2-3 times a week for best results. In the long run, proper care will make your hair extensions perform better.


            • Fusion hair extensions are firmly fixed to your own hair.
            • Fusion hair is suitable for thick hair / thick hair.


            Hair extension methods such as tape-in, cold fusion and hot fusion, all these methods have one same point is they make a strain on your existing strands. We people shed up to about 100 hairs per day, so over time the amount of your natural hair that attaches an individual extension naturally becomes thinner and thinner. If your natural hair becomes too thin, that extension will be too heavy for your existing hair. Your hair can be easily plucked out which is how the wearer of extension end up with bald spots. We recommend you’re better to change your extensions every 2-8 weeks. 


            What is Hair Topper?

            In addition to hair extensions, another option for adding volume and length to hair is hair toppers. Hair toppers, also known as hair enhancers, are partial hairpieces that can be clipped, taped, or sewn onto existing hair to add volume, length, or coverage to thinning or balding areas.


            remy human hair topper

            Hair toppers are typically made of human or synthetic hair and come in various sizes and shapes to fit different areas of the head. They are designed to blend seamlessly with natural hair and can be customized to match hair color, texture, and style.

            Unlike full wigs, hair toppers are designed to be worn with existing hair and provide a natural-looking and comfortable solution for people experiencing hair loss or thinning. They can also be a great option for people who are looking to add volume or length to their hair without the commitment of permanent extensions.

            Hair toppers can be attached using various methods, including clips, tape, and sewing. The attachment method will depend on the type of topper and the desired level of security. It is recommended to consult with a stylist to ensure that the topper is attached correctly and blends seamlessly with natural hair.

            Overall, hair toppers offer a versatile and natural-looking solution for people experiencing hair loss or thinning, or for those looking to add volume or length to their hair. With the right application and care, hair toppers can provide a fuller, more voluminous hairstyle that looks and feels like natural hair.

            How Long Does It Take to Apply?

            The time it takes to apply a hair topper can vary depending on the type of attachment method and the size of the topper. Generally, it can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to apply a hair topper.

            For toppers that are attached using clips, the application process is relatively quick and can be done in a few minutes. The clips are simply opened and placed onto the natural hair, and then closed to secure the topper in place.

            For toppers that are attached using tape or glue, the application process may take longer. The natural hair needs to be prepared by washing and drying it, and then the tape or glue needs to be applied to the scalp or the underside of the topper. The topper is then carefully placed and secured onto the natural hair.

            The time it takes to apply a hair topper can also depend on the individual's skill level and experience with hair extensions. It may take longer for someone who is new to wearing hair toppers or who is not familiar with the attachment method.

            Overall, hair toppers are generally quick and easy to apply, especially when compared to other types of hair extensions like weaves or sew-ins. It's important to take the time to ensure that the topper is properly attached and blended with natural hair for the most natural-looking result.


            • Natural-looking: Hair toppers are designed to blend seamlessly with natural hair, providing a natural-looking solution for hair loss, thinning, or adding volume.
            • Versatile: Hair toppers come in various shapes, sizes, and attachment methods, making them a versatile solution for different hair loss patterns or styling preferences.
            • Low maintenance: Unlike full wigs or other types of hair extensions, hair toppers are typically low maintenance and can be styled like natural hair. They also do not require daily washing, making them a convenient option for busy lifestyles.


            • Cost: Hair toppers can be expensive, especially if they are made with high-quality human hair. This may not be an affordable solution for everyone.
            • Maintenance: While hair toppers are generally low maintenance, they still require some care and upkeep, such as washing and styling. This can be time-consuming and may require additional expenses for specialized hair products.
            • Discomfort: Some people may find hair toppers uncomfortable to wear, especially if they are attached using clips or tape. The weight of the topper and the pressure on the scalp may cause discomfort or headaches.


            Top 6 Hair Extensions Brands Out There

            1. Bellami

            World-renowned for its 100% Remy human hair and double-drawn clip-in extensions, Bellami hair extensions are super-convenient to put on and off. They not only blend well with your natural hair, but also give you the freedom to wash, blow-dry, curl, flat iron, and dye your extensions the way you like.

            Whether you are looking for clip-ins, sew-ins, I-tip extensions, or tape-ins, you will find all of these with Bellami in superior quality. The brand offers 20 different colors in each product, which you can choose as per your natural hair color and texture.

            2. Luxy Hair

            A preferred choice among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, Luxy Hair extensions are made up of 100% Remy human hair, allowing you to style, color, and heat them the way you do with your natural hair. Whether you want to add length, color, or volume to your natural hair, you can successfully do that with Luxy hair extensions without causing any unwanted damage to your real tresses.

            3. Mhot

            Although Mhot is a relatively new brand in the field of hair extensions, it has gained a good reputation in a very short period of time. With the use of innovative M-blend technology, Mhot hair extensions blend with your natural hair and increase their volume and thickness. The brand uses Remy human hair, due to which they do not fade, remain tangle-free, and last for 33% longer time even if you wash them frequently.

            The range of hair extensions from Mhot includes Halo hair extensions, tape-ins, as well as clip-ins. Choose the right shade or highlight colors to match your natural hair and make them noticeable. Besides being affordable, the brand also offers free express shipping, a 60-day return policy, and a free color-matching service. You may also try the brand’s 3D mink fur fake eyelashes.

            4. Glam Seamless

            One of the oldest and most renowned brands in the field of hair extensions, Glam Seamless offers almost all types of hair extension solutions, including wigs, wefts, Halos, clip-ins, and tape-in extensions. Most revered for its 100% Remy tape-in hair extensions, they have been the all-time favorite of celebrities like Ashley Graham and Chris Appleton.

            Available in 12 to 24-inch options, their extensions are available in ten different types of shades, including pastels, balayage, and highlights. Lasting up to 12 weeks, sew-in and tape-in extensions from Glam Seamless can be reused thrice as compared to other brands.

            5. Zala

            Whether you are looking for Balayage extensions, 12-30 inches long clip-in extensions, quad weft clip-in extensions, seamless clip-in extensions, clipping ponytail hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, Halo hair extensions, weave-in extensions, or one-piece clipping volumizer, you will find all these and much more in high quality at Zala. One major Zala attraction is the 60 days return policy and a money-back guarantee on Remy human hair extensions.

            6. Foxylocks

            Foxylocks is another trusted brand that has been providing different types of hair extensions since 2009. Having made their name in luxurious quality clip-in hair extensions, their 100% human Remy hair products blend perfectly well with your natural tresses and you can style them the way you like.

            Since the hair cuticles run in the same direction, they remain tangle-free and are silky soft to touch. As compared to other hair extensions, human hair clip-ins have a natural look and shine. As soon as you apply their extensions, people start wondering how you suddenly got such longer and thicker hair, as they won’t be able to judge in any way that you are wearing extensions. Suitable for all hair types and head shapes, they perfectly blend with your natural look and give you that extra volume you desired.

            Looking for instant volume and length for your hair? Foxylocks is undoubtedly the ultimate choice.

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