Remove and Re-install Tape-in Hair Extensions

Who doesn't love long, silky locks that could put Rapunzel to shame! However, not everyone has naturally good hair, and not everyone is able to grow it out just as fast. Therefore, if you want to have a head full of lustrous long hair that you can flaunt wherever you go, then you should try wearing hair extensions.

While the thought of using hair extensions seems quite appealing to most people at first, they usually become intimidated once they get to learn about the maintenance required to keep the extensions in perfect shape. Therefore, we have rounded up all the information you will need on how to remove and re-install tape-in hair extensions.

  1. When Do You Need To Visit A Salon For Removing And Reapplying Your Tape-Ins?
  2. Steps For Removing Tape-In Hair Extensions By Yourself
  3. Tips For Re-Installing Tape-In Hair Extensions

When Do You Need to Visit a Salon for Removing and Reapplying Your Tape-ins?

remove tape in hair extensions

The best time to visit a salon for removing your tape-ins would be nearly one to two months after the extensions were first installed. It's always smart to make an appointment with your hair-dresser beforehand, and you should clear your schedule before time to make room for the extension move-up appointment.

The tape-in extension move-up appointment can easily take up to three hours, and hair professionals should also make sure to inform their clients beforehand. However, if you can't make enough time on the same day, then you can also divide your appointment into two days. One day would be for removing the extensions, and the other day would be for re-installing them.

No matter what decision you make, it is imperative to be extremely careful while re-installing the tape-in extensions. Even the slightest mistake in the re-taping could make things worse due to early slipping. If you want to have the best results possible, then you must not rush through the process.

Steps for Removing Tape-in Hair Extensions by Yourself

It’s pretty obvious that not everyone has the means to get professional help. Therefore, we will also assist you in how to remove these extensions on your own. The following are the steps for removing tape-in hair extensions by yourself:

Step 1. Make Hair Partitions

The first step would be to move your hair aside to make the tapes visible. It’s best to begin from one side of your head and ensure that you can get a clear reflection of your actions in the mirror. The extensions are usually taped in underneath the top-most surface of the hair, so they become well-hidden.

Therefore, shifting the top-most layer of your hair on the side will expose the tape-in extensions. You can clip the shifted hair on the other side of your head to keep it from moving. It’s always suggested to start moving from the front of your head, all the way to the back of your head.

Step 2. Soak the Tape with a Hair Extension Tape Remover

In case you're wondering, there are several oil-based hair extension tape removers available in the market, and they assist with getting rid of the residue of the binding glue that keeps the tape attached to your hair. Once the glue is removed, the extension comes off very easily.

Using this product saves you a lot of time and keeps your natural hair free from any kind of damage. While most of these removers are available in the form of sprays, you can also get them in the form of products that are either poured or dripped as opposed to being sprayed.

Step 3. Move the Extensions to See if They Budge

Once you've soaked the taping part of the extensions in the tape remover, you should let it rest for some time, then try tugging on the hair that is attached to the tape. You should do this gently to see if the tape moves from its place at all. Make sure not to tug too hard as it could ruin the extensions.

Step 4. Add More Remover and Wait

In case you feel that the extensions aren't moving or if they are still not moving as much, then it's best to apply more remover to the extension tape and allow it to rest for a while, which would be better for removing the extension.

Tips for Re-installing Tape-in Hair Extensions

install tape in hair extensions

The following are the tips for re-installing tape-in hair extensions:

1. Saving Your Time for Re-installing

If you want to have an easy time re-installing the extensions, then you should try using a styrofoam head. This will work by removing the tape and placing the removed extension on a head made of Styrofoam at the exact spot where the tape was removed from your head.

Following this simple procedure will save a lot of time during re-installing the extensions as you will know exactly where to place the removed wefts. This technique is highly praised by different hair-dressers.

2. Wash Your Hair and the Wefts

It's crucial to make sure that your hair and the extensions are thoroughly washed before you reinstall them. You should first wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo, and if you still feel some tape residue in your hair, then you should add baking soda to your shampoo.

Then, you'll have to shampoo your hair again to get rid of any signs of baking soda. Furthermore, you can also use a conditioner on your hair if you want, but you should stay clear of the roots because it would make them slippery, and it will become difficult to re-attach the extension to your hair.

3. Replace Tapes

Before holding the tape, you must ensure that your hands aren’t oily. You can also only hold the tape from the edges to avoid touching it as much as you can prior to attaching it strongly to the extension.

It's also important to remember that the hair extensions must be devoid of any signs of the old tape prior to re-taping them. If this task is performed in the correct manner, the move-ups will not be as frequent, and you will only have to do them after every month or two.

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