6 Essential Tips For Tape-In Hair Extensions You Should Know

Once you try the hair extensions, you cannot live without them because it's only an instant and effective way to add volume and thickness to your natural hair and give a gorgeous look with undeniable confidence. The selection of the exact type of hair extensions can provide a great feeling since there are many options available in the market. That's why it's easy to go with the latest extensions trend. Nowadays, tape-in hair extensions are the most popular among women due to their low price and ease to use. Here we will talk about in detail what is essential for tap-in hair extensions? Without a waste of time, let's check the below list.

What Are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

As the name shows, tape-in extensions use medical-grade tape to attach with your natural hair, and each weft properly is 1.5 inches wide. Every pack comes with 10-20 wefts, and a typical full head of Tape-In extensions is about 3 to 5 packs of hair. The tape-in hair extensions are made with synthetic hair, Remy hair, or natural human hair. If you want to look more natural, then a tape-in extension made with 100% Remy human hair would be an excellent choice for you. Remy hair tape-in extensions are usually made with real human hair that collects from donors. They are easy to wash, color, style, and have fewer knots and tangles.

Essential for Tape-In Hair Extensions

Whether you have short or messy hair, tape-in hair extensions are a great solution to add perfect volume and length. Furthermore, tap-ins have some essentials that are more necessary for the care and maintenance of extensions.

1) Use Silicone or Sulfate-Free Hair Products

It's essential to make sure you are using silicone-free shampoo and hair conditioner. If you use harsh chemicals in hair products containing silicone or sulfate, they will damage your hair and start to fall off. Also, silicone products are not easy to wash; they can leave your hair in a greasy and heavy feeling, which is not best for the bonding between extensions and real hair.

2) Avoid to Use Conditioners on the Hair Roots

Conditioners and other hair styling products include oils and other harsh chemical products that may not create the perfect bonding between hair extensions and natural hair in the tape. If you want to use conditioners and oily hair products, you should apply them to the hair leaves, not on the near roots.

3) Brush Your Hair Regularly

When you have tape-in hair extensions installed, make sure you brush your hair regularly. In this way, you can prevent your hair from excessive damage. Regular brush on hair not only keeps your hair damage free but also keeps hair tangle-free and gives you a perfect look all day. Remember, don't over brush your hair because they can loosen the tapes on the extensions and start falling out.

4) Sleep with Braid or Ponytail

This is another most essential thing for tap-in hair extensions. Before sleeping, always make sure you have a braid or ponytail because it stops your hair from getting frizzy and falling. Remember, avoid going to bed with wet hair because wet hair can easily break than dry hair. Furthermore, Increased friction of the head against your pillow will cause your extension and hair to break.

5) Avoid to Use a Flat Iron Directly on the Tape Tabs

Don't use a flat iron on the tape-in hair extensions tape tabs. It will weaken the tape bonds and melt the tape. It will not only damage your hair but also reduce the extensions of life spam.

6) Before Using Any Heat, Make Sure Your Hair Dry 80% to 90%

After washing, let your hair dry naturally, then dry your hair using a blow dryer. This prevents your hair from heat damage and firmly bound extensions with your hair.


If you are getting ready to take advantage of tape-in hair extensions, then the above essentials will help you. Tape-ins are an excellent choice for short hair women, and they are also considered semi-permanent extensions—even tape-in extensions last around 4 to 8 weeks before needing to be reapplied or are changed.

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