Amazing Hacks for Conquering Extension Game!

Are you looking for some simple and easy hacks to wear and style your clip in hair extensions without any professional help? We are here to rescue! We have gathered some quick and powerful hair extension hacks that will help you effectively play around with your look. 

Don't worry whether you are new to the world of clip-in extensions or want to know the best way to curl; we have got you covered. With these easy hacks, you can transform your short hair to long, add volume to your hair, or get a thick braid instantly. 

Yes, at the end of the article, you can go from hair extension newbie to Pro in no time.

  1. Braiding Prevents Any Pesky Shorter Hairs From Showing!

Are you worried about your short hairs peeking through the ends? It's time to combat this; grab the bottom layer of your hair, braid it lying flat against your head, and secure it with bobby pins. 

For a seamless clip in hair extensions look, place wefts layer-by-layer directly above where you've pinner and hair and continue clipping extensions in from there. Trust us; the end results will look a lot more natural and polished. 

  1. Beforehand Styling Is Easy Styling 

When it's come to styling your clip in hair extensions, you can always style them beforehand instead of clipping them in. You can either lay extensions flat on the counter or hang them in hangers (designed to hold weft security) while straightening or curling them. 

Viola! Now you can easily clip styled clip-in extensions in your head without pulling them out of place.

  1. Clip Diagonally For a More Natural Look

Women with layered hairs can clip in wefts diagonally to create the voluminous layers. This method naturally gives high to low effect and offers a seamless look without having them professionally cut. 

  1. Teasing Hold Extensions Effectively

Are you looking for a quick solution for transforming thin hair into thick? Backcombing provides extra support to clip in extensions and help them to stay in place without slipping. 


  • All you need to do is section your hair.
  • Tease your roots using a teasing brush.
  • Spray dry shampoo to the teased section for hold and texture.
  1. Seamless Stacking Of Clip in Hair Extensions

If you are the one who struggles with finding room to place all the wefts on your head, then stack two wefts together to create your mega weft for a voluminous look.

This trick speeds up the application process and makes it easier for you to find room on your head. 

It also adds thickness to the bottom section of your hair. 

Tip: Avoid stacking more than two wefts because it might get too bulky and uncomfortable.

  1. Apply Upside Method for Hiding Clips

One of the most frequent asked questions, how to create a voluminous up to a ponytail? We recommend you to clip extensions upside down to prevent bump, making extensions rest flat, and allow you to create a sleek and sophisticated ponytail or updo. 

Clip-in extensions are a must-have in your beauty arsenal, no matter whether you want to transform your look frequently or regularly. Trying these clip-in hair extensions hacks will make your styling time fly like a breeze. Let us know which your favorite hack was!

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