Tips for Choosing Highlight Hair Extensions Based On Your Skin Tone

Are you worried about which clip in hair extensions shade works best for your complexion? Do you want to know which shade of blonde, brown, or black suits your skin tone color? You will be surprised to learn that few strands of highlights or lowlights can change your complexion and make a world of difference from your hair's dimension. 

Luckily, with a little crash course, you will understand the tone's nuances and pick which of those shades work best for your complexion.

Ways to Determine Your Skin Tone

Before picking your highlighted clip in hair extensions, it is crucial to figure out where your complexion lies amongst these three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

  1. Check your eye color:people with blue and green eyes are usually cool toned whereas, one with many gold spikes are generally warm-toned.
  1. Look at your wrist: Carefully look at your veins; if you have blue or purple veins, you are cool-toned, and if it is green, you are warm.
  1. Look for a celeb:Try to match yourself with a celebrity who has similar skin and eye color to your own. It might give you a better idea of how the hue looks on you.

Lastly, you can get your skin tone professionally matched for achieving flattering highlighted clip-in extensions (to avoid any confusion!).

How To Choose Perfect Highlights To Complement Skin Tone?

Buckle up ladies, we will learn about what types of highlights and lowlights work best to flatter your complexion.

Firstly, choose hair color that is opposite to your skin; for instance, warm-toned skin should go for ashier, cool-toned highlights, and vice versa. For more details, keep following our breakdown of each different tones of highlights. Wink! Wink!

  • Ash-blonde

Women who have a cool tone with a reddish or pink undertone should use clip in hair extension of ash blonde highlights, whether silver, platinum, ice, or champagne blonde. Trust us; all these colors will swiftly lift your natural hair.

  • Warm Blonde

For achieving beautiful hair like Gigi Hadid or Blake lively, women with olive or cooler skin tone with blue undertone can go for honey, caramel, or other golden tones. 

  • Cool Brown

If you love working with brown hair, then shades of mocha, Ash brown, or rich chocolate brown highlights can perfectly complement those with warm skin tone with a yellow undertone.

Even the warmer skin tone girls can use cool brown highlights to lighten and brighten their complexion.

  • Warm Brown

Another wondrous brown from the brown family looks beautiful on those with warm skin tone with olive undertones. If you want to be a bit creative and experimental, don't forget to add golden highlights to enrich your olive-toned skin.

  • Warm Red

The red-tinted warm tones of strawberry blonde, amber, copper, or rust work beautifully on fair skin with neutral or bluish undertones.

  • Cool Black

Beautiful women with deeper skin tones or yellow undertone can go for cool-toned black highlights. The coolness of black looks fantastic on women with naturally warm skin. 

  • Warm Black

If you are the one who has deep skin tones with cool undertones, then choose clip in hair extensions in the shades of dark mocha, cocoa, or brown-black to warm up the skin.

Shop Your Ideal Highlight Without Any Fuss!

We hope that now you can change your hair ear look by getting your favorite highlights or lowlights. 

Hopefully, now you feel confident about selecting your favorite set! Wink! Wink!

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