How To Get Longer Thicker Braids Instantly

Do you have short, thin, and messy hair but still dream of having thick, fluffy long braid like Princess Jasmine? Fortunately, using seamless hair extensions, you can make this dream come true. This article will explain how to get longer, thicker braids instantly with hair extensions. If you want to make large voluminous braids that create the wow factor, a seamless clip-in Remy hair extension is a great choice to start.

How to Add Extensions to Braids

When it comes to adding clip-in hair extensions to braids, it is essential that you have enough hair volume toward the bottom and the sides of your head to increase the braid's length and thickness. Avoid clipping in wefts your hair when you leave it down, and try to keep most of the volume and thickness below the head crown. In below, we discussed how to create big voluminous and gorgeous braids with seamless hair extensions.

How To Get Longer Thicker Fishtail Braids Instantly

Step 1:

Gather your clip-in Remy hair extensions. Take a 3-clip and 4-clip weft, and clipping the 3-clip weft on the top of the 4-clip weft, and stack them together correctly. Then separate the bottom layer of your hair below the ears and clip this stacked mega-weft in.

Step 2:

Take another 3-clip weft and 4-clip weft and stack them together. Now near the level of your ear, separate hair and clip the mega-weft in.

Step 3:

In the third step, just above your ear level, separate another section and stack two 2-clip wefts but one weft on the right side and the other weft on the left side of your head. This will help to increase much volume on the sides and back of your head.

Step 4:

Take four 1-clip wefts and separate your hair at the crown of your head and then clip two 1-clip wefts in on the right side and two 1-clip wefts on the left side of your head.

Step 5:

Now it's time to make a fishtail braid. In this step, at the crown of your head, separate your hair into two sections. Then from the right side of your hair, take a small section of hair and cross it over the left side. Similarly, take a small section of hair from your head's left side and cross it over the right side. And then keep repeating this pattern down to create the fishtail braid.

Step 6:

Once you reach the bottom Noel, gently tugging on the braided sections outward, also known as pancakes, makes the braids looser and bigger. Tie that off with a small elastic and then continue pancaking to show off the fishtail and create that fantastic volume.


If you are looking for an extra thick, fluffy, and large voluminous braid, you can also use tape in hair extensions. Hair extensions are a perfect way to get thick, long, Disney princess level braids in just a few minutes. Simply follow the above steps and properly place each weft where more thickness is a need and make a different style braid as you want.

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