Best Ways to Store Your Hair Extensions

From real hair clip in extensions to weft hair, it is essential to indulge in a suitable storage routine to make extensions last longer and flawless. 

With this in mind, we will discuss some of the best ways to store Remy clip in hair extensions that will make your set live longer without getting tangle, knots, and matting.

Importance of Storing Clip-in Hair

Trust us; it takes only a few minutes to wash, detangle, and brush. Proper hair storage is quite simple and does not require you to invest in any special storage containers.

To make your work easier, we have explained a storage routine breakdown that helps you safely put away your extensions without creating any mess in your room or bedroom.

  1. After removing the Remy clip in hair extensions, ensure shut all the clips.
  2. Grab your broad paddle brush and gently brush each weft, starting at the end and gradually working up to the roots.

Tip: If you decide to wash your extensions, make sure to let them dry naturally. Avoid storing them moist or damp.

  1. Once you detangle them, use a satin scrunchie to create a loose bun to store them in a storage box or a case efficiently.
  2. Ensure that you store your clip-ins in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Tip: Do not use any vacuum bag, plastic, or glass containers because nasty bacteria or mold can breed inside the bag.

  1. Alternative for storage box is breathable material like cotton, a bag with mesh vents, dresser drawers, or cabinets.

Choosing Your Favorite Storage Methods

  1. Storage Box

Nowadays, brands deliver real hair clip in extensions in their brand boxes, so you can either choose to store in them or opt for a regular shoe box.

Steps to Properly Store Them:

  1. Run gentle and smooth brush to the entire length.
  2. Stack the wefts on each other and twist them together.
  3. If you have many wefts, repeat this step and make multiple bundles place them into the box comfortably.
  4. Now close the box and place it in your shelf, drawer or closet.
  1. Clip-in Hair Carrier

Another cool way to store your best clip in hair extension is to invest in a unique hanger. You can easily find them on online stores that help you to brush your extensions and use them instantly whenever necessary.

Hair hangers are designed to hold many pieces and style, curl or straighten them while still hanging over. 

  1. Storage Bags

Are you looking for some fancy option? Purchase a quality storage bag that shields your Remy hair extension. These storage bags can be easily hanged in your closet and zipped. 

  1. DIY Storage Box

If you want to be creative, then grab any spare box. Don't worry! You won't need any tools because it is as easy as eating a pie.

  1. Choose a decent size drawer and lay a soft cotton towel at the bottom. 
  2. You can cut the J or U shape to lay natural hair clip-ins according to hair length gently.


We hope that you have found your way to avoid any mistakes in storing hair extensions. 

Ladies! Say no to tangled and messy hair and, yes to storage routine.

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