Are Clip In Hair Extensions Damaging to Your Hair?

Are you new to this world of hair extension? Several pictures on the internet terrify us about hair extensions. We understand what goes on after seeing such a picture. But don't worry, that often occurs due to improper setting of the hair extension rather than the extension itself.

Clip in hair extensions are not that damaging. They are also less risky than the permanent extension. You can remove them after 2-3 hours or whenever you want. If you are still worried, let's break down your concern and discuss more.


  • Clip in hair Extensions Cause Your Natural Hair Breakage

The biggest myth about clip in hair extensions is that the hair wefts pull your natural hair. That is not true! The small clips play a critical role in ensuring clip in hair extensions can enhance your look instead of damaging your hair. The clips we use here have silicone strips, which provide a better grip to help hair wefts stay securely in place. And the clips are evenly sewn on the weft, which distributes the weight of the hair weft equally on your natural hair. In the case you have fine hair, you can add extra clips to get more grips and distribute the weight more evenly.

the metallic clips used on clip in hair extensions
  • Clip in hair extensions cause Damage to Your Hair While Sleeping with them 

Sleeping with clip-ins is a bad idea. When you roll around on your bed, your natural will subject strains. That may create snapping and patches if this habit persists. The main benefit of clip in hair extensions is that you can remove them whenever you want to give your natural hair a break. In this way, your hair will stay healthy. Do not forget to keep your hair extensions safely in a box.

Less knowledge of how to install clip in hair extensions is the main reason cause this problem. When using clip in hair extensions to increase your hair length and volume, please avoid applying them close to your hair root, sleeping with them, and adding too many hair wefts to your hair. If you wish to wear it often, try using a lighter and shorter hair extension that will hardly cause any tension. 

  • Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss

Clip in hair extensions is a temporary hair extensions method, which means they don’t stay on your scalp for several months. They are only applied to your hair in the time of need and can be removed just before going to sleep or taking a shower. That way, clip in hair extensions provide room for the growth of your natural hair.

  • Clip in Hair Extensions Hinder the Growth of Hair

Clip in hair extension can never stop the growth of hair. Generally, people wear hair extensions for hiding a haircut they don't like. In this way, their hair grows according to the desired length.

  • Hair Extension Doesn't Blend In

The main reason for an unsatisfactory hair blend is choosing the wrong hair extension. That could be due to the wrong length or color of the clip in hair extensions. Many clip in hair extensions users prefer to curl their hair with the curling iron for achieving a nice blending. In that case, please use a heat protectant and curl your hair at a low temperature.

before and after ash blonde clip in hair extensions
  • Hair extensions give headaches

The main reason causes that is you have accidentally attached the extensions in an unsuitable section. When wearing hair extensions, we add weight to our hair. Therefore, it is normal to feel heavier. In the beginning, you might feel uncomfortable, but you will soon get used to them. If you don't want to get overburdened with too much weight, try putting fewer hair wefts. That will be much better than wearing a whole set of clip in hair extensions.

Some people have an extra sensitive scalp. Even tying a high and tight ponytail can cause a headache. So, getting hair extensions may also be an uncomfortable experience for them. The trick to alleviate the headaches caused by hair extensions is to use each weft around an inch below the roots of your hair.

  • Clip in Hair Extension Need High-Maintenance

Are you someone who doesn't have enough time to visit the salon and get your hair done? Clip in hair extensions do not need professional care from salons. You can set it yourself and take care of it after wearing. It is just like taking care of your natural hair.

  • Clip in hair Extensions Need to be Washed Frequently

Washing your hair extensions only happens when you feel they are dirty. Unlike your natural hair can get nutrients from your scalp, you need to apply conditioner to hair extensions to keep them soft and shiny. Frequent wash can make your hair extensions dry and tangle, that is not what you want.

    Unlike those permanent hair extensions methods, such as tape in, micro-link, or keratin hair extensions, use glue, beads, or tool to heat keratin to attach hair extensions to your natural hair and need professional installation. The low-cost and safe clip in hair extensions use clips to attach hair wefts to your hair. They are comfortable enough to wear daily and make you feel confident.

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