Introduction of keratin hair extensions

The hot fusion hair extensions are strand by strand (also called individual strand) hair extensions method. When you have this method applied to your natural hair, it will last 3-5 months, depending on the speed of your hair growth and how you take care of your hair extensions. So hot fusion hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extensions method, not like those temporary hair extensions, such as clip-in or halo hair extensions you need to take them out before you go to bed.

stylist is install keratin hair extensions to her client with blonde hair

The hot fusion hair extensions are also called keratin hair extensions or keratin fusion hair extensions since the material used to attach the hair strands to your natural hair is keratin. It is pre-bonded at the tip of each hair strand. Based on the shape of the keratin, there are nail-tip or U-tip, flat-tip, and V-tip keratin bond hair extensions available in the market.

installing keratin hair extensions with hot tool

When installing keratin hot fusion hair extensions, your stylist lays a section of your natural hair on the keratin and holds them with one hand, and then uses a hot tool that looks like tongs to heat the keratin to make it soft and easy to shape. After that, your stylist uses fingers to mold the melted keratin to attach it to your natural hair. Your stylist can shape the melted keratin into either flat or cylindrical. The flat shape is best for increasing density and length. The cylindrical is ideal for face-framing, highlights color, or area with less hair that can hide the hair extensions strands.

Keratin hair extensions pros and cons


  1. Not like clip-in, halo, and sew-in hair extensions using pieces of hair weft, keratin hot fusion hair extensions use hair strands, so the weight distribution is more even on your natural hair.

  2. Keratin hair extensions are suitable for people with fine hair because they are lightweight.

  3. This method also offers you much more styling versatility, no matter how you wear your hair, even if in an updo or ponytail that is impossible when you use clip-in or tape-in hair extensions.

  4. Since the hair strands are discreet in your hair, keratin hair extensions can even apply to the hairline and fringe area, giving you the most natural blended look.


  1. Generally, applying keratin bond hair extensions takes you 3 - 5 hours, which is much longer than installing temporary hair extensions, such as clip-in and halo hair extensions.

  2. The cost of applying keratin hair extensions is $500 to $1500 for a half-head application, $1500 to $3000 for a full-head application, which is also much higher than using clip-in and halo hair extensions.

  3. Depending on your hair growth and routine maintenance, you need to revisit your salon for reapplying every 6-8 weeks.

Compared to the hair weft extensions method, the strand by strand hair extensions method included hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions can give you the most natural look, but the cost of applying them is much higher. One last thing you should keep in mind, no matter what types of hair extensions you choose, please make sure to choose hair extensions made with remy human hair.

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