What is Virgin Hair? What is Remy Hair?

Made by 100% human hair is a label you will see when you shop for human hair products. Some people may deem those hair products made by 100% human hair are high quality. Does is that true? Today we will talk about some details of 100% human hair.

Products made by 100% human hair include virgin hair products and remy hair products, they are all 100% human hair, but they are far from the same.

What is virgin hair?

a box of braided hair

Virgin hair is also called braided hair, which is cut directly from the head, and not chemically treated. Its cuticles are intact. The intact cuticle is crucial for hair products having a long life, and the cuticles of all hair shafts point in one direction, which makes sure the hair does not tangle.

What is remy hair?

fall hair

Remy hair is also human hair, but not like virgin hair, they come from various sources, such as salons, or some people collect their fall hair. When hair material collectors collect that hair together, the cuticle is not facing the same direction. And those hair include chemical-treated hair,  so the cuticles are not intact. There are two ways to process remy hair material. One way is to completely strip away the cuticles of hair strands through chemical processing, and another one is to change the direction of cuticles by machining. The hair without cuticles is soft and silky but can't last long. The hair processed by the second way has a long life but is not as long as virgin hair because the machine damages the cuticles during the processing. The hair with cuticles is not as silky as hair without cuticles but has a longer life because the cuticles can protect hair strands.

Today virgin hair is hard to get, and its price is much higher than remy hair. That is why most customers choose remy hair products, and most are remy hair without cuticles.

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