Human Hair extensions complete guide

ombre brown humam hair for hair extensions

human hair extensions materials

The quality of human hair extensions mainly depends upon their materials - human hair. You may confuse virgin hair and remy hair. Here are some tips you should know before you shop for human hair extensions.

pu seamless clip in hair extensions with blonde color

clip in hair extensions

jet black tape in hair extensions

tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extensions method, each piece of hair weft has a layer of medical-grade adhesive at the top. When using this method, a thin piece of your natural hair, which is the same wide as one piece of tape-in hair weft (about one and one half inches wide), is sandwiched between two pieces of tape-in hair wefts. Tape in hair extensions includes classic tape-ins and invisible tape-ins.

balayage halo hair extensions

halo hair extensions

Also called flip in hair extensions, one set of halo hair extensions only has one piece of hair weft. Hair weft stays on your head with a transparent and elastic wire. Compared to other hair extensions methods, the halo hair extensions method is the easiest hair extension to apply yourself and the least damaging hair extensions method.

machine-hair weft with omber brown color

sew in hair extensions

Sew in hair extensions refers to sewing hair wefts into your natural hair with the help of a needle and thread. Depending on your hair texture, the hairstylist either braid your hair into cornrows or use silicone-lined beads to create bases for hair wefts. Hair wefts have two variants, machine wefts, and hand-tied wefts.

blonde i tip hair extensions

cold fusion hair extensions

Hair extensions involved in this method are hair strands, not hair weft. Your stylist attaches strands of hair to your natural hair with microbeads. Three different hair strands are available on the market, micro link (I tip) hair extensions, nano link hair extensions, and Y tip (ultra-flat) hair extensions. Your stylist chooses from them based on your natural hair texture and density.

u tip hair extensions

hot fusion hair extensions

Also called keratin bond hair extensions, hot fusion is also a strand by strand hair extensions method. Hair strands involved in this method are U tip hair extensions (also called nail tip hair extensions), V tip hair extensions, or nail tip hair extensions that have fusible keratin-tip. For installing U-tip hair extensions, your stylist lays a small section of your hair in the U-shape bond, and then melts the U-tip by using a melting connector, after a few seconds, your hairstylist rolls the melted tip into a cylinder shape.

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