Halo Hair Extensions 2021: Complete Beginner's Guide

Have you heard about halo hair extension? It is great if you have. Have you seen it? Are you sure about how it works? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Keep on reading to know everything about halo hair extension.

  1. What Are Halo Hair Extenions
  2. Halo Vs Clip-In Extensions (Clips)
  3. Halo Vs Tape-In Extensions (Tape)
  4. Are Halo Extensions Bad For Your Hair?
  5. Halo Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
  6. Do Halo Hair Extensions Hurt?
  7. Who Is Halo Hair Extensions Best Suited For?
  8. Reasons To Buy Halo Hair Extensions
  9. Benefits Of Using Halo Hair Extensions
  10. How To Find The Right Size For You
  11. How To Put On Halo Extensions
  12. Do Halo Hair Extendsions Stay In Places
  13. How To Blend Halo Hair Extensions With Short Hair
  14. 5 Best Halo Hair Extension Brands

Halo hair extensions are perfect for first-time users. They are best suited for everyday application. It is apt for people with thin to medium hair. If you want to use it, the length of the hair must be more than shoulder length.

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are made from 100% natural human hair. It has a stretchy nylon wire attached at the back portion which is to be attached.

We generally know the common hair extensions that require glues that result in breakage. They cause hair drying as well. 

The best part about halo hair extension is that it isn’t attached to your hair. This also assures that your hair isn’t damaged. This will make the most ideal and hassle-free hair extension.

blonde halo hair extensions

Women are generally considered about how halo extensions are better than other hair extensions? The best answer to this question is that Halo hair extensions do not cause friction or breakage of hair in any way. Still, there are different perspectives on looking at things and the same applies to hair extensions as well.

Read on further to check out the facts about them so that you could decide all by yourself which extension will be best suited for you. 

Halo vs. Clip-in Extensions (Clips)

waved lace weft clip in hair extensions

Halo extension has a special non-attachable design that does not cause hair breakage or damage of any sort. Clips-in is time-taking as well. They consume around 15 - 30 minutes to put them in place. Halo hair extensions are super friendly as they hardly take a few minutes to set up. This saves up a lot of time.

For people with sensitive and fine hair, halo extension is best. If you have thinning hair issues or are struggling with scalp issues that increase the hair fall rate, stay away from clips ins. 

Halo extensions add volume and length at the same time. You can trim the extension according to your need or the length of your hair. This look can be achieved in a minute. 

It enhances your hairstyle. You can ask your hair professional to cut it according to your preferred hairstyle. 

It gives a very natural look. Say hello to a natural and voluminous look with halo hair extensions!

The Halo vs. Tape-In Extensions (Tapes)

highlight tape in hair extensions

Tape-ins work pretty similarly to micro-beads. The hairdresser puts them in and brings them every 6 weeks. They need to be replaced once every 6 months. The tapes cause damage to the hair due to the glue and adhesives. The anti-adhesives will be drying for the hair.

The halo extensions come in handy. You do not need professional assistance to put them. They also do not damage your hair. 

The most common question that people ask about halo extension is how does it stay without tape or glue? Does it stay? Is it secure to use? 

We completely understand that these questions are very authentic. Well, halo hair extensions are not attached to your hair at all. Now people wonder how it stays when not attached to hair. 

Putting halo hair extensions is easy. The halo is attached to the head with the help of an invisible wire. The wire is attached to both sides of the weft. The weft goes at the back of the head and rests on the occipital bone. 

The wire rests around 1-2 inches from the hairline. It doesn’t fall off although you don’t have to use glue. This is because the halo hair extension is designed in such a way that it fits the head and sits at a perfect angle on the head. You can flip your hair without worrying about it falling from your head. It also comes with two clips for added security. 

Halo Clip-ins Tape-ins
Lengths 16" - 22" 16" - 24" 16" - 24"
Weights 140g 110g or
140g - 220g
50g or 100g
Weft Pieces 1 big weft 7pcs or 10pcs 20pcs or 40pcs
Application Nylon Wire Clips Glue
Hair types Thin and medium hair Thin, medium,and thick hair Same as clip-ins
Hair Lengths Hair length should exceed your shoulder All hair lengths Same as clip-ins
Suitablity Suitable for fragile hair or senstive scalps Not suitable for fragile hair or senstive scalps Not suitable for fragile or dry hair
Time of application A few minutes 5-10 mins 45 mins -1 h
Hairstyles Down and half-up hairstyles High ponytails, updos, buns, are all possible Same as clip-ins

Are Halo Extensions Bad for your Hair?

The halo extensions are far less damaging for your hair as opposed to both clip-in and permanent extensions. For starters, wearing the clip-in and permanent extensions requires more effort and time, and it takes more effort to take them off. Removing clip-in extensions and permanent extensions can damage your hair since these extensions are directly attached to your hair. Therefore, removing them involves a lot of tugging and pulling of your real hair.

However, the halo extensions are placed at the crown of your head, and they aren't attached to your real hair, which makes them a safer and less damaging option.

Halo Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

The following are the pros of Halo Hair Extensions:

  • These extensions are extremely easy to wear, and they require less time than clip-in extensions.
  • They are also safe to use, and they don't damage your own hair. These extensions aren't attached to your real hair. Therefore, your real hair stays safe from all sorts of tugging and pulling.
  • Halo Extensions are also highly comfortable since you don't have to experience wire attachment discomfort.
  • Some people want to use extensions for certain occasions, and they aren't looking for permanent extensions. Therefore, halo hair extensions are the perfect solution to your temporary hair extension needs. Furthermore, these extensions are ideal for beginners as well, so they can see if they would look good on them before making a permanent decision.
  • Halo extensions are also easy on your pocket since they don’t require any special salon maintenance as you can remove and wash them very easily on your own.
  • These extensions also give a natural look since they don’t have any clips or tapes for attachment.
  • Halo Extensions also last for a longer time than clip-in extensions since they can be used for up to a year.
  • They don't damage your own hair or hair follicles in any way, even in case of improper application.

The following are the cons of Halo Hair Extensions

  • You might have a hard time styling the Halo Hair Extensions, especially when it comes to hair up-dos. The wire of the extension is placed around the crown of your hair, so you would have to go for lower hairstyles.
  • You would need extra clip-in extensions for wearing halo extensions with short hair. These extensions won't mix well with your own hair if your hair is short. Therefore, it’s not the best option for short-haired people.
  • You can't wear these extensions when you go for a swim because if your extensions' halo becomes wet, it might make the hair dry and damaged.
  • You can't sleep with halo extensions. Unlike most extensions, halo extensions won't damage your own hair as you sleep, but these extensions still have the risk of entanglement that can damage the extensions.
  • The Halo extensions are temporary, and they aren't a suitable choice for anyone searching for a more permanent solution.

Do Halo Hair Extensions Hurt?

When it comes to hair extensions, one of the biggest concerns for most women and girls is that if they hurt. Most extensions are difficult to take off, which requires a lot of tugging and pulling, which is as hurtful as it sounds. However, Halo Hair Extensions are completely painless.

These extensions aren't attached to your actual hair, making them almost unnoticeable. Therefore, you might notice some weight on your scalp while putting on these extensions, but this weight becomes equally distributed as well, which is why you can't feel it as much.

Who is Halo Hair Extensions Best Suited for?

Halo hair extensions are incredible for the following people:

  • Those who have thin hair
  • Those who want to get thicker and longer hair
  • Those who are growing their hair, but by the time they want extensions
  • Those who are looking to get fuller hair instantly
  • Those who don’t want to visit salons every few weeks for hair extensions

Reasons to Buy Halo Hair Extensions

You may consider buying Halo hair extensions for the following reasons:

  • No Damage to Natural Hair

Halo hair extensions help you achieve thick and long hair instantly while your natural hair continues growing underneath. There are no acidic chemicals that glue-ins contain and damage your hair. Since Halo hair extensions do not attach to your hair, they do not cause any kind of damage to your natural hair.

  • Instant Results Within Seconds

As compared to clip-ins, Halo hair extension is a one-piece that you can put on literally in seconds. Since they perfectly fill the sides and the back, they give you a natural look instantly.

  • Long-Lasting Results

Most hair extension types last for a maximum of 6 months. This is because once you put them on, you wear them constantly while sleeping, showering, washing, and doing all other daily activities. But with Halo hair extensions, you may remove them when not needed, due to which they are less used and consequently last long. With proper care, they can last as long as 24 months.

  • 100% Natural Look

One of the best reasons why you buy Halo hair extensions is that they have a completely natural look that nobody would be able to distinguish. You may also adjust, layer, and tone cut them to perfectly blend with your natural hair. Available in different colours and three thicknesses, you can choose the one that best suits your real hair colour and texture.

  • No Salon Visits Required

With ordinary semi-permanent hair extensions, as your natural hair grows out, the extensions become visible and you need to visit the salon to take them out and put them back at the roots. The entire process consumes a lot of time and money unnecessarily. But with Halo hair extensions, no such touch-ups are required.

Benefits of Using Halo Hair Extensions

Here are only a few of the benefits you may get by buying Halo hair extensions:

  • No Damage

Since Halo hair extensions do not attach to your natural hair, your real mane is kept completely safe from any kind of damage due to clips or chemicals.

  • Easy to Maintain

As compared to your natural hair and other hair extension types, Halo hair extensions need minimal maintenance and still last for 2-3 years.

  • Easy Application

Halo hair extensions are single-piece bodies that you can flawlessly put on your head without any professional’s help. You can also easily remove it while sleeping or bathing to keep them safe.

  • Affordable

Halo hair extensions are one-time investments that you can use for years to come. So, they prove to be much cheaper than other hair extension types.

  • Natural Look

One of the biggest benefits of Halo hair extensions is that they look completely natural on your head. Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, you can choose the one most appropriate for your natural hair.

  • Several Times More Volume

Halo hair extensions give a natural volume to your hair without much expense and maintenance. You may style these extensions the way you like to wear the hairstyle you want for the day. They are super quick to put on and extremely easy to remove.

How To Find The Right Size For You

Halo extensions are best suited for people with thin or medium thickness hair. It comes with two different-sized straps, 10” and 11.5”, and one needs to choose the wire that fits the size of their head. The wire is made of nylon, and it is very stretchy and very bouncy, making it very comfortable to wear on your head. You can start by using the smallest wire, moving up until you find the one that is most comfortable for you. If it is too small, it puts a lot of pressure on your skull, and it might pop up and fall, and if it is too loose, it might be blown off by the wind. The halo extension needs to sit comfortably on the crown of your head. There should be no space between the scalp and the weft.

halo hair extensions with two nylon wires

How To Put On Halo Extensions

First of all, use a rattail comb to create a circular section of hair across the crown of your head, or you can use your nails if they are long enough. Let few strands of hair fall naturally across the face since this will make the appearance more natural until the Halo is in the right place, which will help to conceal the metal. Tie the sectioned-off hair into a bun.

The next step is to wrap the Halo band around the crown of your head, somewhere between the bun and just above your ears. Ensure the wire is not too loose or too tight. If you are not sure, shake your head a little. The wire should be completely secure. Reduce the size if it is moving but if it feels like it is about to bump off, go up the length.

The final step is to use the clips to attach the Halo extension at the hairline, a few inches above your neck.  Pull the bun down and combine the weft with your natural hair. Brush all to blend in. Use a standard comb or paddle brush but be careful not to catch the Halo wire or unintentionally move the Halo out of place when combing through your hair. You can style the Halo just like natural hair. Use a hair spray to give it a shiny look.

a lady is applying her halo hair extensions

Do Halo Hair Extendsions Stay In Places

There is no need to worry. When worn right, the Halo will not come off even if the weather is windy. The first step is finding the wire which is right for you. Halos come with two different sizes of stretchy straps, and you will undoubtedly find one that is ideal for your head shape and personal preferences. You should apply the wire test to ensure you get the right size.

How To Blend Halo Hair Extensions With Short Hair

First of all, pull your hair so that it is half down and half up using a rattail comb. Clip the top hair and also secure the bottom hair with some bobby pins because the hair is so short. Pull down the top clipped hair, then get the sitting pretty Halo and place it over your head about an inch back from the hairline, and gently push it down up to the place where it feels comfortable. Get the rattail comb and pull out the hair and blend it all over the top from the front to the back. Please don’t pull out too much hair because we want much hair underneath the extension to give it a perfect look. Fill in the hair on the top so that it blends in nicely. Once it feels comfortable, then you can style it as desired.

5 Best Halo Hair Extension Brands According to Stylists


Halo hair extension offers impressive length and volume without any hassle; you don't need to learn its installing methods. Luxy's brand has nylon wires that were more like a clear band – it was very stretchy and noticeable thicker. It comes in seven various sizes so that you can pick according to your choice. Halo hair extensions are perfect for those who have thin and short hair and want long instant hairs. The Luxy hair brand offers two clips on the band that can protect it to your head. They come in single weft pieces that do not attach to your hair; instead, it attaches in your head like a headband. You can quickly wear and blend it with your natural hairs. They come with different weights such as fine, medium, and thick; it's up to you how much hair you handle.


ZALA Halo extensions are the latest methods of adding length and volume to your hair. They are made of 100% real halo human hair; they cover and shield your real hair with a band without clips, glue, or tape. It sits over the top of your head and doesn't physically attach to your hair; this means no damage and the quickest application. The hair extensions offer several colors and styles, and the quality is excellent and soft to touch. These halo extensions also offer clips for more security, and these clips can be removed if they are not required.


Hairstylists and influencers love MHOT; they love to share MHOT hair extensions with their fans and friends. They are designed with actual Remy hairs. These superior quality halo hair extensions are silky soft to touch, tangle-free, and shed-free. You can straight, wash, curl and restyled them but make sure the temperature is under 180 ̊ C. You don't need any glue or tape to attach them to your hairs; they come with a hidden wire and clips that help secure them in place. MHOT offers lighter and more comfortable halo hair extensions that are easy to apply and remove.

Hidden Crown Hair

Celebrity's hairstylist Justine Marjan prefers Hidden Crown Extensions. Their halo hair extensions are magical. Halo hair extensions are a non-permanent hair extension secured on your head by a wire; a top layer of your hair can cover it up to hide it all. And then you will get fuller and thicker hair without clips or tape. They are minor damaging extensions you can wear. Hidden Crown Halo Extensions offers costs range from $199 to $449, it depends on the length you want, and they come with 100% human REMY hair in 28 shades, including highlights. Hidden Crown halo hair extensions are quick to put in and remove; it takes less than 30 seconds to install the extensions and 3 seconds to remove them out.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths make hair extensions become 100% Remy and Double Drawn. That means the quality of all-natural hairs is persevered by undergoing a specific and unique production process in Rome's factory. Celebs often wear Great Lengths, a salon-only professional-grade extension brand. Mena prefers this brand because each bundle comes from one head, and you will get the same texture throughout. They add volume and length instantly. Its excellent quality makes it possible to enjoy Great Lengths for 4 to 6 months. The delicate and silky hair extensions look bouncy, gorgeous, and feel like natural hair. The standby wire can be loosened or tightened to fix the head. The pack comes with an extra elastic wire.

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