What are hair extensions? Types of hair extensions


Every woman desires to acquire a beautiful look with their hair. But Most women do not have naturally long and thick hair tresses, because of various causes, therefore they use hair extensions to get a fuller and thicker look.

Artificial hair integration is most commonly known as fake hair, hair extensions, and hair weaves. There are different types of extensions ( i.e. Clip-in, Halo, Ponytails, Tape-ins, Sew-ins, etc ). As a beginner, it is recommended to try clip-in, halo, and ponytail these three extensions are the easiest to try.


1. Clip-in

When it comes to adding volume and length to the hair, clip-in extensions are the best among all other extension choices. It is only a matter of time for the extensions to provide you with color. longer, and fuller hair. Stylists and home users prefer clip-in extensions over others for hair enhancement because of their several advantages and benefits. The application of clip-ins is much easier and consumes lesser time plus it’s also temporary. Clip-ins are much more affordable compared to other extensions. Pressure-sensitive clips are used to attach the clip-ins in order to prevent damage to the hair as permanent hair extensions or adhesive extensions can be very harmful; they can cause severe breakage or even hair loss.
 clip in hair extensions


Clip-in extensions considerably last longer and don't require much maintenance compared to permanent extension methods. A set of good quality clip-in extensions doesn't cost much and isn't time-consuming compared to all the expensive salon trips. Clip-in extensions being temporary allows you to change your hairstyle whenever you want and however you like. For example, you can add highlights by selecting a lighter shade without even changing your hair, you can add bangs/fringes without having to cut them in real, and you can add volume and length to your hair even without waiting for it to grow out if you have a shorter hair length. Clip-in extensions are the best choice to flaunt your hair.

2. Halo

Similar to ‘clip-in’ halo hair extensions for a beginner are easy to wear. It is a one-step method to get fuller and longer hair. And can be worn every day within just a few minutes. These extensions are suited for those with thin to medium hair types, lengths longer than shoulder length. It is not suited for those with shorter or thicker hair because halo extension comes in a standard thickness. If applied to shorter and thicker hair types, the ends will show a lot of ‘stringy’ and won't blend in with hair.
Halo hair extensions are made with 100% Remy hair and its weft has a stretchy nylon wire attached. Also, to be extra secure with the halo extension, there are two clips each on either side so that it can grip properly without any worries of

falling out your extensions so that you can move your hair back and forth.

halo hair


As halo extensions are 100% remy hair they can't be bleached or lightened because it may cause damage to the hair. However, it can be dyed by a professional colorist to get darkened or toned. As the halo extension has nylon wire attached to it. avoid dying the nylon wire to keep it clear and transparent. For those with shorter hair length than shoulder length, it is preferred to use clip-in extensions instead of halo hair extensions because they will not blend seamlessly.

3. Ponytails

Just like other hair extensions, a ponytail hair extension is easy to use to get the look of a longer and fuller ponytail in just a minute or two. If your hair is too short or thin to tie a good ponytail that's where the magic of ponytail hair extensions works. It is a one-piece extension. It comes with a thick extra hair strand along with a clip attached to the base. the clip is used to secure your extensions to the hair. these extensions come in different lengths, colors, and textures varying your choices. You can use the thick extra hair strand to wrap around the base to cover the fact that you're wearing an extension. You can put it on or remove it whenever you want.
You can style ponytail extensions in different styles such as The classic chic high ponytail, ponytail braid, elegant bubble ponytail, and sleek and classy low ponytail.


Ponytail extension comes in synthetic and remy hair extension types as a beginner synthetic extension might be the best choice also synthetic extension is cheaper in comparison to remy hair extensions. However, unlike remy hair, you can’t style using heating tools to your synthetic extension nor can be dyed. Applying hot tools may result in melting your synthetic extensions.

What are Remy and synthetic hair extensions?


1. Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are made from real human hair and are collected from a donor. When All the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) of a hair strand are intact and running in the same direction during the time of collection, is known as Remy hair. This form of the collection ensures nearly no tangling of hair strands and makes sure that the extensions remain silky and smooth all through their lifetime.
remy hair

2. Synthetic Hair

The composition of various synthetic, blended fibers results in synthetic hair extensions that contain zero to no human hair. These very fine, plastic fibers are reproduced to clone actual human hair. Synthetic hair extensions can be a great choice for those who are looking for a low-cost, short term or one-off hair solution.
synthetic hair

Why are they easier than other types of hair extensions?


1. Hand-tied

Handtied extension isn't an easy method compared to other extensions because it is a difficult process even for those experienced stylists as it involves sewing and also can take several hours to hand-tie. This process gives stress to your hair which may lead to hair fall as well as damage to the hair of those with thin or unhealthy hair and might not support the weight of the extension. The hand-tied extension requires much more careful because if it’s not washed regularly bacteria can build up and lead to scalp infection. Hand-tied extensions may cause discomfort to the hair while being tight and causing a headache after their application.
hand tied weft

2. Tape-in

Tape-in extension isn't easy to use for beginners because you can't apply tape-in by yourself like the other extensions. It can only be assembled properly by a professional stylist as it requires you to add a thin strip of your original hair in between the two strips of the adhesive weft. The tape-ins are supposed to be attached neither too close to the scalp nor too close to the hairline as it can be quite difficult for you to remove them afterward. Furthermore, the tape-ins must be set according to the roots of our hair. If by any chance the tape-ins are fixed in a diagonal or slanting position, it will be very uncomfortable for you as the extensions may slip off. It is recommended to not remove the extensions by yourself as you might severely damage your hair by pulling off the tape-ins. The application process might take between 30 mins to an hours time depending on the hair type. The pricing of tape-ins may vary depending on the hair lengths.
tape ins

3. Keratin bond

Keratin bonds are also a type of adhesive extension. These are made from natural hair to match your hair. These bonds are non-reusable Once they are installed they will last for five months. As they are for long-term uses it requires a bit of maintenance and after installing the extension you can look for the stylist weeks after weeks to make sure they are growing in properly. Installing the keratin bond extension will take a few hours about 3 or more. also, it's an expensive process to do. As it's real human hair you will be able to do anything as per your wish but have to be cautious when it comes to tips where you cant use flat iron or even brushing too hard when you are using these extensions.
keratin bonds

Which hair extensions are the most natural?


Clip-in remy hair extensions are the most natural and super easy for beginners. Because its installation process takes lesser time than the other extensions. Besides, clip-in hair extension doesn't cause any harm to the hair. On the other hand, clip-in extensions are the most convenient among other hair extensions. If you're a beginner in hair extensions, be sure to try clip-in remy hair extensions.
clip ins
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