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MHOT halo extensions are multi gradual layered for the most natural blend with your own hair. Use an invisible wire to add length and thickness, no glue, no damage. Goes on and off in less than a minute.

Made with intact cuticle hair
πŸ‘ Remy hair at fair price.
♾️ Higher ratio of the longest hair.
πŸ“œ 7 steps quality control.
↩️ Free shipping & 60 days return.
🎁 Free gift at checkout.
πŸ“· 24/7 free color match service.
❀️ Made with intact cuticle hair. Sourcing the best hair, for the best.
πŸ‘ High quality, affordable prices.
↩️ Free shipping & 60 days return.
♾️Higher ratio of the longest hair.
🎁 Free gift at checkout.
πŸ“œ7 steps quality control.
πŸ“· 24/7 free color match service.

Affordable remy hair extensions

By owning a hair extension factory, we can sell high quality remy hair extensions directly to consumers, bypassing the markup costs of all the middlemen.

blonde seamless clip in remy hair extensions

Remy hair is real human hair with intact cuticles facing the same direction.

This makes sure tangling will not happen during you wear or maintain your hair extensions.

De-pigmentation: To extract the natural pigment, raw hairs are put into solutions for washing, this process can last 20 - 25 days. The slower this process, the less damage to hair materials.

Pigmentation: To tone the hair color up to the desired shade, pigments are added into a solution that has a constant temperature and PH value, and then, raw hairs are submerged into this solution to get the perfect shade.

The slower processing of raw hairs, the longer life of hair products will have.

Our skilled craftsmen, a crucial role in the whole production chain, have been maintaining and implementing a value, that is the excellence in the production process.

MHOT newest seamless clip-in range utilizes the latest technique in seamless weft design to create the best discreet and lightweight set.

blonde seamless clip in remy hair extensions

We offer international free shipping to all of our customers.

We ship Monday-Friday before 11:30 pm PST via DHL, FedEx or USPS.

All MHOT purchases have an extended 60-day return & exchange policy, we are pleased to accommodate returns and exchanges within 60 days on all hair extensions*.

Every package will come with a tester, it will help you determine if the color is a good match without opening the main set bag.

* have not been opened, worn, or tampered with.

Don’t like the shade? Contact us to exchange for another one. Our exchange process is quick and easy. Ship back your current set, let us know what you'd like in exchange and we’ll get you set up with a new order.


How to get your match:

  1. Take a few photos in natural day lighting, showing the front and back of your hair.
  2. Attach these photos, fill out the fields provided and submit the form to receive your match in 2-12hrs.

Tips for a good match:

  1. Send in 2-3 photos in natural lighting, avoiding direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid using flash photos or any filters/edits.
  3. Make sure your hair is out so we can see the colour from root to tip.

Halo Hair Extensions

Hair: 100% Remy human hair

Length: 14 Inches - 22 Inches

Type: T Lace Base

Remy Hair with Intact Cuticles

Our Belief

As a manufacturer, we source the best TRUE remy human hair. Many brands out there claim to have the best β€œremy hair”, but quality always comes first, there are no shortcuts. This is our belief.

Longer Lasting

  • Pure 100% remy human hair with intact cuticles, silky soft healthy hair.
  • MHOT hair extensions will last 10-12 months under proper care.
  • MHOT anti-shedding technology prevents shedding and tangling.
  • Can be washed, dyed, blown out and styled any way just like your own hair.

Thick and Full Hair End

  • With higher ratio of long hair to short hair, our hair extensions are designed to keep almost the same thickness from top to bottom, which provides you with a luxury full hair appearance.
  • Double Drawn (hair thick from root to tip), natural-looking volume and glam.

M-Blend Coloring Technology

MHOT hair extensions feature a multi-tonal adapting coloring technology, so even if your hair color is slightly different, it will still blend well.

YouTube Video Review

MHOT remy hair extensions have been reviewed by many Youtubers, hairstylists and customers, let them tell you why they love us.

mhot Halo hair extensions

What's So Great about MHOT

60 blonde pu clip in hair extensions

Our own factory

MHOT has its own 17-year experienced hair extension factory, no middleman, no upcharging.

We source the best hair for the best

We search across the world to source the best quality hair our customers are accustomed to.

Higher ratio of the longest hair

We increase the ratio of the longest hair in the hair extension to make hair end thicker, fuller.

7 steps of quality control

From hair sourcing to hair wefting, we strictly control every step to produce pecfect hair extensions.

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