Complete Guide to Shower with Hair Extensions

Can you Shower with Hair Extension?

Hair extensions not only give you longer hair, but they allow you to change your looks and don many styles that you cannot do with your natural hair.

But like most good things, hair extensions don't come cheap, so, if you have one, you will want it to last as long as possible. This is why most women would want to know if one can shower with it.

So, can you shower with a hair extension? Yes, you can, but not in the same way that you are accustomed to taking your showers with only your natural hair.

Remember that hair extension is not your natural hair, so you can't expect it to be as durable as it.

Your natural hair produces oil and substances that constantly renew it, but hair extensions don't have such ability. That's why you can’t wash it every day.

However, you can still shower with it, while still allowing it to maintain its glamour for a long time.

Because Tape-in and Clip-in extensions are some of the most popular options, I’ll be talking about how you can shower with each.

Tape-in Hair Extension

Tape-in hair extensions, as the name implies, are a kind of hair extension that are taped to the root of your hair. These tapes are medical-grade tapes—similar to the ones used to close wounds during surgical incisions. They create a strong and long-lasting bond with natural hair. However, you still need to be careful with how you wash to ensure they hold on for long.

tape in hair extensions

After installing your tape-in extension, the general rule is that you avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours.

This is to give the adhesive enough time to set in and perfectly glue the extension with your natural hair.

Below is a step-by-step process to showering with your tape-in extension.

  1. Step-by-Step: How to Shower with Tape-in Hair Extensions

    • STEP 1: Brush Your Hair Before Taking A Shower

      If you have hair extensions, it is important to brush your hair 2-3 times a day with a wet or dry detangling brush. Before stepping into the shower, ensure you brush your hair. This will prevent it from tangling up even as it's being washed.

    • STEP 2: Make Sure You Have The Right Shampoo, and apply Rightly

      When shampooing, use a shampoo specially formulated for hair extensions. This will ensure that your hair extensions always look the best. There are also certain ways you need to shampoo your hair yourself.

      Starting from the root, gently rub the shampoo against your hair. You don't have to shampoo to the end. When shampooing your hair, do not scrub or move it in a circular motion so it wouldn’t get tangled.

    • STEP 3: Apply Conditioner From Mid Shaft to the Bottom

      When conditioning your hair, be especially careful not to use a moisturizing conditioner around the adhesive on the hair extension tape. You can apply your conditioner from the mid-section downwards.

    • STEP 4: Brush and Towel Dry

      Carefully brush your hair as you leave the shower. Then slowly dry your hair with a towel. Avoid rubbing the towel on your hair to prevent the hair extensions from getting tangled or damaged.

    • STEP 5: Blow Dry

      When you blow-dry your hair, set the dryer to the "Low" heat setting. Use heat protection that is suitable for the extension. Dry each hair section by section using your dryer and a brush.

  2. How Often Should you Shower With Tape-in Hair Extension?

    Twice a week is the maximum number of times that you should shower with your tape-in hair extension.

    Washing it too often can cause the adhesive tape to loosen quickly. It can also reduce the life span of the hair extension.


Clip-in Hair Extension

seamless clip in remy human hair extensions

The clip-in hair extensions method allows wefts of hair to be easily attached to your natural hair using special clips. As a result, it can easily be detached or reattached.

Because it is so easy to attach and remove, you can detach it when you want to take a shower and wash the hair extensions. This would enable you to wash the extensions properly and allow for reuse.

Below is a step by step process on how to wash the clip-in hair extension

  1. Step by Step: How to Wash Clip-in Hair Extensions

    • STEP 1: Brush Your Extensions

      The first and probably one of the most important steps is to brush your extensions before wetting them. This helps minimize the chance of tangles during and after shampooing. When combing hair extensions, I recommend starting from the bottom up to gently remove stubborn knots without pulling your hair out.

      I also recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush when working on your extensions. To prepare for washing, carefully lay your threads on top of each other in a bundle, just as you did when you first received them. It will prevent the hair from tangling with the clips while washing.

    • STEP 2: Prepare the Sink

      Make sure the sink is clean, plug the drain and start filling it with lukewarm water. Blow about 2-3 pumps or a small amount of shampoo into the water and stir.

      For your extension, I recommend that you use alcohol and sulfate-free products. Also, use products that are suitable for color-treated hair in other to preserve the color.

    • STEP 3: Wash Each Weft

      We highly recommend applying a sulfate-free, and alcohol-free moisturizing conditioner before and after shampooing. Sometimes, even skip the shampoo and just wash your hair with conditioner! Wash each weft one at a time, to prevent tangles and to ensure that each weft is washed thoroughly.

      If you don't have time, you can tie the extensions with an elastic band and wash them thoroughly in one go. Hold the weft up with one hand, dip it in water and wash gently—making the shampoo penetrate with light motions. When washing, remember to treat the extensions gently and not rub as hard as you would with natural hair.

      Once you have washed the weft with shampoo, carefully set it aside on a towel.

    • STEP 4: Conditioning each frame

      Once all the hairs have been washed, it's time to condition the hair. Take a small amount of conditioner and apply it evenly to each strand of hair from top to bottom. Massage thoroughly to penetrate the hair.

      Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse each frame thoroughly. In general, the longer you leave it on, the better.

    • STEP 5: Use a Hair Mask or Deep Conditioner

      This is a crucial step to ensure that the hair extension stays soft, and moisturized. Apply a deep conditional or hair mask, and put them in a shower cap overnight so that the hair will seal the moisture by soaking in every strand.

    • STEP 6: Drain Each Weft

      The next morning, wash each weft of hair, making sure there is no conditioner left in it. A common mistake is to only wash it halfway, leaving a "slip" - a slippery, soft feeling after conditioning. That's unnecessary as it leaves product on the hair, which makes it look greasy when it's dry.

      Rinse again with cold water when washing each weft. This will close the hair cuticles and allow them to retain moisture, and make the extensions shinier.

    • STEP 7: Air Dry Your Extensions

      Squeeze excess water from your hair extensions. Make sure you don’t try to rub them dry with a towel. Instead, air-dry it with a microfiber towel.

      If the extension needs to be blow-dried, be sure to use a thermal protection spray before blow-drying. This will extend the life of the extension.

      Most importantly, blow-dry in a cool setting to avoid heat damage and do not brush your hair until it is 90% dry. When blow-drying, first focus on drying the roots of the warp and then work to the end. Always blow-dry downwards to not only smooth the cuticle but also prevent the hair from getting tangled when blowing in different directions.

  2. How often should you wash Clip-in Hair Extension?

    Clip-in hair extension should be washed once a month, or after every 30 times, you wear it.



Hair extensions are durable, and this step-by-step guides will help you maintain it, and also keep it looking stylish. With proper maintenance, Tape-in extensions can last for six to 10 weeks. Clip-in extension on the other hand can last up to one year.

Also, ensure you use a swim cap when going to the pool because Chlorine can damage the adhesive on tape-in extensions.

Sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet on in order not to mess up the hair. Lastly, avoid using products that contain sulfate, alcohol, paraben, and any other chemicals that can wear down the extensions.

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