10 Tips of Hair Extensions Beginners Should Know

Hair extensions are a quick, dynamic, and amazing tool that you can use to transform your hair to any length you like, tuft up your volume however you like it, or if you want thicker braids- it is just an extension away. Various causes might motivate you to use hair extensions, and they are a swift and efficacious way of getting creative with your hairdo.

If you've never used extensions before, you don't have to worry. There are many sites and videos which will teach you the basics of extensions, and you can operate with them. However, they don't always teach you the inner secrets or hacks which help you perfect your look. How do we know how to cover up those annoying baby hairs which keep springing up? Or what might be the greatest method of curling one’s extensions?

If you require all those and more, we've gathered the top ten best hair extensions hacks, which will help you as a beginner to style your hair and extensions to perfection and not make the mistakes we once did! You'll progress to being a professional in no time at all. These are listed below;

  1. Hide Your Shorter Hair By Braiding The Bottom Layer
  2. Invest In A Hair Extensions Hanger
  3. If You Want A Layered Look- Try The Diagonal Method
  4. To Prevent Any Wefts From Falling, Backcomb Your Roots
  5. If You’Ve Got Less Space, Start Stacking
  6. Use Your Extensions For A Longer Time By Storing Them Correctly
  7. Stay Prepped, Pre-Curl Your Hair Extensions Before Any Big Events.
  8. When Wearing A Ponytail- Clip Those Extensions Upside Down
  9. Make Your Hairdo Seamless By Using Clip Wefts
  10. Make Sure You’Re Using The Appropriate Hairbrush
  1. Hide Your Shorter Hair by Braiding the Bottom Layer

    The most important step before putting in your hair extensions is making sure that they blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. If you have long hair and you use extensions for extra volume, this tip might not be for you. However, if you have shorter hair, it will tend to stick out in little spikes underneath your extensions, and it'll become apparent that you have extensions in your hair.

    To remedy this, you need to bunch together all the hair at your nape and then braid them tightly but neatly. Then, place it on your head and secure it with bobby pins. Then arrange your weft- which you would place at the bottom- immediately above your braid and place your extensions accordingly. This will allow for a more natural and glossy look when you release your hair, with no evidence of any short troublesome hair.

  2. Invest in a Hair Extensions Hanger

    hair extensions hanger

    If you want to avoid pulling out your wefts while styling your hair, the best thing you can do is style your hair extensions beforehand. Buy yourself a hair extension carrier and get rid of all that trouble! An extension carrier is designed to secure your wefts in place so you can style, straighten, curl, or dye your extensions using both hands. Once you're done, you can easily clip them on your already styled head and watch that beautiful look fall into place!

  3. If You Want a Layered Look- Try the Diagonal Method

    If you have layered hair, this hack is meant for you. If you want to make faux layers in your hair, you need to pin your extensions in a diagonal line. This allows you to have a "high to low" effect in your hair, and it will combine with your naturally layered hair without looking any different! Hope you try this out. It works better with long extensions.

  4. To Prevent Any Wefts from Falling, Backcomb Your Roots

    Some of us have silky thin hair, due to which your extensions often slip off and need extra assistance with staying in place. If this is you, you need to backcomb your roots. Do this by separating a section of your hair that you'll place an extension weft in. With the help of a teasing brush, backcomb your roots and then apply dry shampoo to set it in place.

    Due to this method, your roots will have a better appearance and clasp that will allow you to fasten your clips without fear of them slipping.

  5. If You’ve Got Less Space, Start Stacking

    If you've got more extensions than what your hair can hold, you can stack them to save space. You can create a mega weft by stacking two wefts onto each other, and this will give you a capacious look. Make sure you don't stack more than two- or just enough, which will not end up being uncomfortable or heavy. This trick will allow you more space as well as accelerating your activity. It will also give your hair more volume and thickness- if you have layered or thin hair.

  6. Use Your Extensions for a Longer Time by Storing Them Correctly

    If you own extensions, you know it can be stressful making sure they remain untangled and preserved. Therefore, you need to invest in an extension carrier that will keep your extensions from twisting, and it will also prevent any damages to them. You should also cover them with a cotton cloth to save them from dust.

     If you have high-quality hair extensions, you should also give them high-quality care. Treat your investment with adoration, and they will be your companion for a long time.

  7. Stay Prepped, Pre-curl Your Hair Extensions Before any Big Events

    If you’re going to an event and you want to rock your hair extensions, a great hair hack is to curl your hair extensions a day before such events. Then roll up the curls and pin them so that the curl remains intact.

    On the day of the event, you simply have to unravel your extensions, and you'll be good to go! This hack is perfect if you have big events coming up and little time to prepare; it'll give you a good heads up. It is perfect for any events like weddings or graduations as it will always come in handy.

  8. When Wearing a Ponytail- Clip those Extensions Upside Down

    We recommend that you clip your hair extensions upside down when making a ponytail. This is because even though hair extensions give you thickness and volume, the bumps of the welts will not look flattering when you do such updos.

    What you can do instead is clip the wefts upside down so that it ensures they will lay flat and unsuspecting on your head when you pull your hair up in a ponytail. You will be able to make sleek and stylish hairstyles.

  9. Make Your Hairdo Seamless by Using Clip Wefts

    If you want to create a ponytail full of volume, you need to use extensions. However, if you aim for a more polished and sophisticated look, hide your elastic hair using a 1-clip hair weft. You can do this by wrapping it around your elastic. It is simple, yet it is great at elevating the look of your ponytail. Your ponytail will be ready for any circumstance, day and night!  

  10. Make Sure You’re Using the Appropriate Hairbrush

    hair brush for hair extensions

    If you have extensions in and you want to brush your hair, it can prove to be tricky. Normal hair brushes will go down to your roots and displace your wefts. It will not only ruin all the hard work put in your extensions but will also be uncomfortable for you. You should try using a loop hair extension brush. The nylon loop bristles will not disturb the wefts placed in your hair, and they will untangle them without worry.

    No matter what your hair type is, extensions are a must when you’re styling your hair. Their transformative powers will change your hair from long beautiful beach waves to a trendy lob.

Bottom Line

We hope these hair extension hacks helped you, and you won't hit any snags when you style your hair next time! Happy styling.

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