Verified True REMY Hair

Now many hair extension companies market their hair as Remy, when in reality it is from? Many vendors will collect hair from combs, brushes or the floor in salons and temples. The hair is sent to factories to have acid bath to remove the cuticle. Then it will be bounded with silicone and marketed as Remy Hair. Is it really Remy Hair?

How the hair is handled is crucial. Remi hair means that the strands are kept in their original alignment just as they grew from the scalp, because there are cuticles in the hair which can help keep hair healthy and shiny. So removing the cuticle will create lifeless and tangled hair. If even 1% of those cuticles are not in perfect alignment, the hair will tangle easily, especially when wet.  This is why many dishonest manufactures implement silicone into their process to disguise a poor quality product. Silicone helps make the hair appear healthy but it is more difficult to maintain, and easy to damage.

Mhot hair is guaranteed to come from donors. Some of hair are donate from one donor. Some are not. Different from those non-remy hair handle, we use an advanced technology system to leave the hair cuticles intact. Our microscope allows us to confirm the direction and intact of the cuticles. During this process we never use any harsh chemicals or silicons so that to insure our hair soft, smooth and tangle-free.

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