6 Brown Color Ideas for Brunettes Hair

When we are thinking of changing our hair color, we almost always ditch the brown and go for stronger and bold colors. Those could be either red, green, or sometimes even blue. The problem with colors like these is that they are not that versatile. The color suits only some people, and maintaining it is another difficult task. We often call these colors fun, while brown gets dragged into the boring category. We do not know that brown is, in fact, a very classy color. The shades it provides can make us look edgy, classy, or even mysterious. For brunettes going with different shades of brown is always a safe choice. Nothing too drastic but also extremely classy and sassy. So what are those shades and tones of brown which are the best option for hair color when we talk about brunettes?

Hair Color Option for Brunettes

Different shades of brown can make for different hair colors. All of those colors are slightly different from the one before. There is no right or wrong in choosing a hair color; it all depends on how it suits us and how we care for it.

The first shade of brown in the list is;

  • Caramel Mocha

    women with caramel mocha hair color

    Caramel mocha is a perfect tone for the fall and winter seasons. It is a step towards deep chocolate browns, which is perfect for the season when leaves fall on the ground, and what we crave 24/7 is delicious hot chocolate. This hair color contains pretty blonde tones, which is why people experiencing summer and fall alike can dye this color since it matches the vibe. It is a mixture of soft blonde with chocolate brown, and it results in a gorgeous and seamless rich color that looks perfect on all. Here is our chestnut brown lowlights clip in hair extensions which has similar color to the hair of model in the picture.

  • Chestnut Brown

    beauty with long straight chestnut brown hair

    Chestnut is originally more of a dark brown shade. The name comes from the chestnut tree, and it is also known as the colour of chestnuts. It gives us a gorgeous dark but warm brown. It can be alternated from light, mediums, and dark. The plus side is that the color gives us a natural shine and tone, so we do not look over the top. The chestnut brown matches every skin tone, so you do not have to worry about whether it will look good or not. Our ombre dark brown/chestnut brown clip in hair extensions has similar color.

  • Long Island Iced Tea

    young girl with iced tea hair color

    By reading the name of the dye, we may think that this is definitely the name of some drink, but it can not be a hair color. Well, you are wrong. The long island iced tea is perfect for springtime. It gives us a nice, bright, and reflective tone to our hair, and it does not even damage it. This hair color is specifically perfect for brunettes who want to dye their hair nothing too dramatic, all while keeping their natural look. People might even mistake it for your natural hair color. It also adds a soft lightness to our hair which makes it look nice and beautiful in sunlight and photos. The hair color is more on the natural brown side with some light tones.

  • Wood Brown

    girl with wood brown hair color

    As the name suggests, wood brown is more of a darker shade of brown, and it falls towards the color of wood and bark. The color is glossy, and it seems like freshly polished wood. The plus side is that it suits every skin tone, and it looks beautiful on all. The dye provides us with a natural shine and makes it look as if our hair is naturally dark and glossy. This hair color is best for winter times since it provides us with a warm, fuzzy vibe. Here is ombre off black / chocolate brown clip in hair extensions which has similar color to the hair color in the picture.

  • Ginger Beer

    woman with ginger beer hair color

    The name originally comes from the drink ginger beer, which many people love. This color, which is more of a light brown, is perfect for fall times. It has three color notes, ranging from dark brown to light brown and some hints of blonde. Even the color palette seems to be made by keeping fall and autumn in mind. The perfect Pinterest hair which many people dream of getting. It is a step towards a bold hair decision, but we assure you it looks just as pretty as it sounds.

  • Cinnamon Brown

    woman with cinnamon brown hair color

    We all love those cute little cinnamon rolls, but have you heard about the cinnamon brown hair color? With warm days coming ahead, we all have an itch to transform ourselves, and the first step in doing that is changing hair colors. We often opt for bright and lighter hair colors in summers, and this hair color is just the perfect shade to give us that look. It is a warm and glossy hair color that provides us with warm undertones and a gorgeous brunette base. It looks great on all skin colors and frames our faces nicely. Plus side is, we do not have to spend on maintaining this hair color. This hair color is the most low maintenance hair color which requires the least amount of touch-ups. For those who are fans of Zendaya, Kylie, and Beyonce, good news for you because all these celebrities are also fans of this cinnamon brown hair color. Our ombre natural black / chocolate brown clip in hair extensions has similar color to the hair of model in the above  picture.

Final Word

While making a step this big, we need to make sure that whatever decision we make, we do not regret it later on. These perfect brown shades provide us brunettes with a safe way to dye our hair, look fabulous and also stay in the safe area where we do not end up with over-the-top hair color, which does not seem to suit us. Before making a decision, make sure you research it and ask the hairstylist for recommendations. Choose what is best for you and your hair, so you end up glossy and perfect hair.

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