Swimming with Hair Extensions – 5 Things You Must Know

Summer is here, finally. It’s the time to soak up the sun, attend beach parties, and splash in the water. As the mercury soars high, most of us will want to spend the maximum time in the water. Swimming and summer are made for each other!

Have fun in the pool

However, those who wear hair extensions fear damaging them. This problem is a common concern that keeps many people away from pools. The good news is that you don’t have to miss out on the fun if you have tape-ins. With proper care, your hair extensions will look nice, and you can have a great time in the pool with your friends.

Swimming with hair extensions – the problems people face  

Hair extensions need gentle care, just like natural hair. Chlorinated water and sun are bad for our mane. The hair becomes a tangled mess when exposed to saltwater and chlorine. The bonds may become weak, or the tape-ins get damaged due to water exposure. Always remember that water is the greatest enemy of bonds. When wet, they become fragile.

The attachments like rings, wefts, and tape-ins get badly affected by saltwater and chlorine. Moreover, the hair becomes drier from chlorine and loses its shine. The wefts come out due to excessive dryness, affecting your looks. You may find your extensions getting discolored also.

Swimming with hair extensions

What will you do if your bonded extensions come out after taking a dip in the swimming pool? Should you stop taking a bath in the pool? Don’t lose heart. A little bit of pre-care will save your glorious locks from losing their beauty. Here are the things you must know before you head for the beach.


Things to do before jumping in the pool

As we said earlier, human hair extensions need special care if you want to be a mermaid this summer. Taking precautions beforehand will help you to prevent damage to the locks. If you have bonded extensions, try not to spend too much time in the water.

1. Wet your hair extensions

Firstly, wet your hair with normal water before jumping into the pool. Dry hair absorbs chlorine and salt from water more readily. However, if you wash your hair before, it cannot absorb the chlorine or saltwater as it is already damp.

Wet the hair extensions

Oil your hair. You can use any nourishing oil to replenish the lost moisture. Oil also acts as a barrier and prevents chlorine from seeping into the wefts.

2. Use a hair pack

Using a pre-shampoo treatment will also protect your hair. Products made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are benefit for extensions. They will keep the hair soft and silky and make you a glamorous water babe without much effort.

Wash hair extensions with a hair pack


3. Tie your hair extensions

This is the best advice, according to hair specialists. Keep your human hair extensions high up so that it doesn’t come in contact with water. If you are thinking about styles, don’t worry. There are plenty of hairdos that you can try when going swimming. From a high bun to a braided bun, choose the one that suits you. Pigtail and ponytail braids are popular options to guard your hair. If you are ready for some experimentation, go for an upside-down braid and then make it into a bun. We are sure you will make heads turn with such a glam style.

We want to make a point here. Many people complain of their remy hair extensions losing color or matting during the summer. Many of us don’t realize that the sunscreen we use on our hands, shoulders, and back can harm the remy hair extensions. If you wear your hair loose, it will come in contact with the sunscreen applied on the exposed body parts and get discolored.

The lotion we apply on our face enters the hairline and weakens the tape-ins applied at the corners. To prevent this, wash your hands after applying the lotion so that no residue gets into the hairline.

Tying the hair is the best way to keep your seamless clip in hair extensions safe from sunscreen.

Pop a swimming cap for extra protection. Yes, a swimming cap will definitely shield your extensions from dryness and breakage. Get a cap that matches your bathing suit or contrasts its color and let the world appreciate your sense of fashion.

Swimming with a swimming cap


Post-swimming hair extension care

Once you get out of the water, you must keep a few things in mind. Hair gets mat after being in the pool for a prolonged time. You will find them knotty too.


1. Wash your hair extensions

After getting out of the pool or sea, wash your hair extensions to get rid of the salty water and chlorine. Be gentle on them and use a mild shampoo. If you have time, use a conditioner to replenish the lost moisture. Rinse well with cold water to seal the cuticle and keep the moisture locked in. A thorough shampoo + conditioner regimen will make the extension silky, smooth, and last longer. When applying conditioner, remember to leave two inches gap. Put conditioner only on the hair and not on the tapes to guard them against getting loose.

Wash the human hair extensions

You have to be cautious with glued hair extensions as the glue may weaken and come out. Immediately after leaving the water, go for a wash and let the extension dry out completely.

2. Comb your hair extensions

You may not get time to wash your hair thoroughly after a swimming session. But don’t forget to brush it to get rid of the tangles. Use a special detangling brush to remove the knots. Extension brushes come with looped bristles that glide through hair without damaging them.

Do not rub or scrub the extensions. Hold the tapes or clip-ins while combing to prevent tugging.

Comb the human hair extensions

Drying is an important step for maintaining hair extensions. Towel drying is the best option, but if you are in a hurry, use a hairdryer. Make sure to use it from a distance. If you have bonded extensions, rough-dry them after coming out of the water. Later on, air-dry the rest of your hair.

Keep these five things in mind before you hit the pool. This summer, enjoy being a mermaid and have loads of fun with your friends without worrying about your real human hair extensions.

Sunbathing at the beach in summer

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