Summer Wedding Hair: Gorgeous Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

A summer wedding is a special occasion that calls for beautiful and stunning hairstyles. With the help of hair extensions, brides can achieve voluminous and luxurious hairstyles that are perfect for their big day. Whether you desire long cascading curls, an intricate updo, or boho-inspired braids, hair extensions offer endless possibilities. In this article, we will explore a variety of gorgeous hairstyles that can be achieved with hair extensions, ensuring that brides look radiant and feel confident on their summer wedding day.

The Classic Glamour: Old Hollywood Waves:

When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing quite compares to the allure of Old Hollywood waves. This iconic hairstyle, popularized by glamorous movie stars of the past, exudes sophistication, femininity, and a touch of vintage charm. With the help of hair extensions, you can achieve those luscious, cascading waves that are synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood.

Hair extensions play a crucial role in creating the voluminous and glamorous look of Old Hollywood waves. They provide the length and thickness necessary to achieve those perfectly defined waves that frame your face and cascade down your shoulders. Clip-in extensions are particularly useful for this hairstyle, allowing you to seamlessly blend them with your natural hair for a seamless and flawless finish.

To achieve the Classic Glamour look, start by preparing your hair with heat protectant spray to shield it from any damage caused by heat styling tools. Then, using a curling iron or a wand with a large barrel, wrap sections of your hair around the barrel away from your face, creating loose and voluminous curls. As you release each curl, gently guide it into a wave shape and pin it in place to cool and set.

Once all the curls have cooled, remove the pins and gently brush through your hair with a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles. This will help to blend the curls together, creating a smooth and cohesive wave pattern. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray to hold the waves in place and add a glossy shine.

The beauty of Old Hollywood waves is their versatility. They can be adapted to suit various bridal looks, whether you're wearing a romantic lace gown, a sleek and modern dress, or even a vintage-inspired ensemble. Pair your waves with a deep side part for added drama and consider adorning them with a jeweled hair accessory or a vintage-inspired hairpin for an extra touch of glamour.

Old Hollywood waves are a classic choice that never goes out of style. With the help of hair extensions, you can effortlessly recreate this timeless and glamorous look, ensuring that you feel like a true Hollywood starlet on your special day. So embrace the elegance of the past and let your hair exude the allure of Old Hollywood glamour as you walk down the aisle.


Ethereal Beauty: Soft Romantic Updo:

Ethereal and romantic, a soft romantic updo is a perfect choice for a summer wedding. This hairstyle exudes grace, femininity, and a touch of whimsy, making it an ideal option for brides who want to create a dreamy and enchanting look.

To achieve this stunning hairstyle, hair extensions play a crucial role in adding volume and length to your natural hair. Whether you have short hair or thin locks, extensions can provide the necessary foundation for creating a full and textured updo that will turn heads.

Start by applying clip-in extensions to your hair, strategically placing them to add thickness and ensure a seamless blend. The extensions should be securely clipped in, allowing you to work with a more substantial amount of hair. This will make it easier to create intricate twists, braids, and loops in your updo.

To craft the soft romantic updo, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and begin loosely twisting and intertwining sections, incorporating the extensions as you go. Leave some tendrils loose to frame your face, adding a touch of softness and romance to the overall look. As you work, keep the updo loose and effortless, allowing the twists and braids to intertwine organically.

Secure the updo with bobby pins, ensuring that it feels secure but still has a natural and airy appearance. You can also adorn the updo with delicate flowers, jeweled hairpins, or a sparkling tiara to enhance the ethereal beauty of the hairstyle.

To ensure your soft romantic updo lasts throughout the day, use a lightweight hairspray to set the style and combat any flyaways. This will help your hair maintain its shape and stay in place, even during the excitement and dancing of the wedding celebration.

With a soft romantic updo adorned with hair extensions, you'll create a mesmerizing hairstyle that perfectly complements your wedding dress and captures the whimsical essence of a summer wedding. This ethereal look will make you feel like a true princess as you embark on your journey to happily ever after.

Bohemian Chic: Braided Crown:

For the free-spirited and bohemian bride, a braided crown hairstyle adds a touch of whimsy and natural elegance to your overall look. This ethereal and romantic style is perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you're planning an outdoor or garden ceremony. With the help of hair extensions, you can achieve the length, fullness, and texture necessary to create a stunning braided crown.

To create the braided crown hairstyle, start by adding hair extensions to your natural hair to ensure that you have enough length and volume for the braids. Choose extensions that closely match your hair color for a seamless blend. Begin by parting your hair down the middle or slightly to the side, depending on your preference.

Next, take a small section of hair from one side and begin braiding it tightly from the root to the ends. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic band. Repeat this step on the other side of your head. It's important to ensure that the braids are tight and secure so that they can be easily woven into the crown later.

Once both braids are complete, gently pull on the sides of each braid to loosen them slightly and create a softer, more relaxed look. Take the first braid and wrap it across the top of your head, positioning it like a crown. Use bobby pins to secure it in place, tucking the ends of the braid underneath the other side. Repeat the process with the second braid, overlapping it with the first braid and securing it with bobby pins.

To enhance the bohemian vibe of the hairstyle, you can pull out a few face-framing tendrils or small wisps of hair to soften the look. Optionally, you can also adorn the braided crown with delicate flowers, such as baby's breath or small daisies, for a touch of natural beauty.

To ensure that your braided crown hairstyle lasts throughout the day and evening, finish with a light mist of hairspray to secure the braids and tame any flyaways. This bohemian chic hairstyle pairs beautifully with soft, natural makeup and delicate accessories, such as a flower crown or a simple hairpin.

The braided crown is a versatile hairstyle that suits various hair lengths and textures. Whether you have long flowing locks or shorter hair, hair extensions can help achieve the desired length and fullness for the perfect braided crown. This ethereal hairstyle adds a touch of romance and whimsy to your summer wedding look, allowing you to feel like a bohemian goddess as you exchange your vows.

Beachy Waves: Effortless and Romantic:

Beachy waves are the epitome of effortless beauty and exude a sense of romance that perfectly complements a summer beach wedding. This hairstyle is all about embracing your natural texture and creating soft, tousled waves that mimic the look of saltwater-kissed locks. With the help of hair extensions, you can enhance the texture, volume, and length of your hair to achieve those gorgeous beachy waves that will make you feel like a mermaid bride.

To create beachy waves with hair extensions, start by selecting high-quality extensions that match your hair color and texture. Opt for clip-in extensions, as they are easy to apply and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Begin by curling small sections of your hair and the extensions with a curling wand or a large-barrel curling iron, focusing on creating loose waves rather than tight curls. Gently tousle the waves with your fingers to create a more undone and natural look.

Next, strategically place the extensions throughout your hair, focusing on the areas where you want to add length or volume. By blending the extensions with your natural hair, you can create a fuller and more dimensional look. Use a comb or your fingers to gently comb through the waves, ensuring that the extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural hair.

To enhance the beachy texture, spritz a texturizing spray onto your hair and scrunch it lightly. This will add that coveted tousled and effortless vibe to your waves. Finish off with a lightweight hairspray to set the style and ensure it lasts throughout the day.

Beachy waves are versatile and can be adorned with delicate flowers, a jeweled hair accessory, or a bridal headpiece to complete your romantic beach wedding look. Whether you're exchanging vows on the sandy shores or celebrating by the seaside, beachy waves with hair extensions will make you feel like a beach goddess on your special day.

Half-Up, Half-Down: Versatile and Flattering:

Half-up, half-down hairstyles have gained immense popularity among brides, thanks to their versatility and flattering nature. This style strikes the perfect balance between an elegant updo and wearing your hair down, allowing you to showcase your locks while maintaining a polished look.

With the help of hair extensions, you can take your half-up, half-down hairstyle to new heights. Extensions provide the extra length and volume necessary to create a breathtaking and voluminous style. Regardless of your hair length or thickness, extensions ensure that your half-up, half-down look appears full and luscious.

There are various ways to customize this hairstyle to suit your personal style and wedding theme. Incorporate a braid for a romantic and bohemian touch, or opt for twisted sections to achieve an elegant and polished look. For a whimsical feel, add fresh flowers or floral accessories. Extensions provide a solid foundation for securing these elements and creating a seamless blend.

Consulting with a professional hairstylist who specializes in extensions is crucial to achieve a natural-looking result. They can guide you on the right type of extensions, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, or halo extensions, and provide expert advice on placement.

Enhanced by hair extensions, your half-up, half-down hairstyle will make you feel effortlessly beautiful and confident on your summer wedding day. It complements various face shapes and works well with different wedding themes, from bohemian to classic elegance. Embrace the best of both worlds by showcasing the beauty of your hair while enjoying the practicality and sophistication of an updo.


Summer weddings provide an excellent opportunity to showcase stunning hairstyles that enhance a bride's beauty and complement the overall theme. With the help of hair extensions, brides can achieve their desired look, whether it's romantic, glamorous, bohemian, or effortlessly chic. From old Hollywood waves to intricate updos, there is a hairstyle to suit every bride's taste and vision. Hair extensions provide the length, volume, and versatility needed to create these gorgeous.

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