How to Pick the Correct Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

choose the right color for Your Skin Tone

It can be very tricky when you're trying to choose what hair color to pick when you need to dye your hair. Because choosing the wrong color shade can instantly transform you from looking mind-blowing to disastrous. Which raises an essential question that How do you know about what color is perfect for you? Also, about your skin tone? 

Well, not to worry, we come with the solution to this problem. Now you can quickly determine what color suits you best and what kind of skin tone do you have? Hence, humans have a pigment called melanin in their bodies. The pigment shows the color of human eyes, hairs, and even skin. It's also responsible for determining the skin color that human skin goes through in various climatic conditions. 

Your skin tone is the vital factor to consider before you color your hair. A wrong pairing of hair color and skin can make you look unnatural and awkward. So, we'll guide you to choose the correct hair color according to your skin tone.

Types of Skin Color which

What kind of skin tone you have and what hair color will suit you best. So, the first question is are you cool, warm, or neutral.


What is cool toned? It doesn't mean you're like cool though you can have cool-toned skin. Think of cool tones as stormy weather, so what do you see when you see a storm happen, you know a lot of Blues, a lot of Purple's rays you see all those kinds of cold colors; okay, that is a cool tone.


Warm is a warm sunny day, which means you can think yellow Sun or reflect off of everything you see orange you see peach in the sunset and warm colors that make you want to like live your best life and get a tan and like, oh, they're very comfy colors okay.


Neutral is simpler to explain. If you already know what those two are, then you know what neutral is. It's a combination of both cool and warm. 

Test to Determine Which Color Suits on Your Skin Tone

Test 1: Veins Test

Here is some fun stuff that you can easily do at your home to look at your own body and figure out which one you’re, but we’ll go through many different ways so to start, let’s talk about your veins. If you look are your wrist right here and you look closely at your veins, you’ll see the color of your veins.

  • If you see blue and purple color veins in your wrist, then you have a cool skin tone cool skin
  • If you see Green or olive veins, then you have a warm skin tone.
  • Finally, if your veins are in Blue or green color, so you have a neutral skin tone.
Test 2: Paper Test

You can look in the mirror at your face, take a white piece of paper holds up to your face. Does your face look yellow next to the white piece of paper? Or does it look more a pink-toned next to the paper or red?


  • if you look more golden, you are warm
  • if you look red and pink, you're cool-toned
  • if you look a combination of both with your neutral


So those are just a few tricks you can use to figure out if you're cool want more neutral

Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tones

Choose your hair color shades according to the colors of your skin. If you've light warm-toned skin, choose a color like honey blonde, and rose gold will be great for you. For darker skins, choose darker browns like chocolate. 

Hair Color for Cool Skin Tone

Cool tones such as platinum, ash blonde, white blonde, and brown are great for cool skin tones. Suitable highlights will do the best deal to improve your look. Try to avoid hair that is too dark on fair skin. If you have a tinge of brown on hairs with a fair complexion, then go for red streaks on your hairs. Go for dark colors with vibrant undertones. 

Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tone

For people with a warm or darker skin tone, go for warm colors like streaks that are dark red or honey-hued. It's much safe to stick to darker colors with warm highlights when you have a warm skin tone. You must give a smooth transition if you want to color your hair. 

Hair Colors for Neutral Skin Tone

Warm dark blonde, dark brown, and light brown shades look excellent on neutral skin tone. Brown's family compliments this skin shade well. Ash colors look great on neutral skin tone. 

How does Permanent Hair Color Work?

Permanent hair color makes your hair up to two tones darker and lighter than your actual hair color, semi-permanent hair color, which darkens it. Permanent hair color will stay permanently, but you'll see that it starts to lighten after 5 to 7 weeks of application.


Choosing the perfect color tone that will make you the most attractive and charming and comfortably enhance your beauty. After explaining all the ways to determine your skin tone and which color shades are best for the skin tone that suits you easily. Hopefully, you can easily pick the correct hair color for your skin tone.

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