What are the Healthiest Hair Extensions? Absolutely Clip-in

We all think about wanting to try out a new appearance and feel when the seasons change. We can't help but experiment with our appearance, from the clothes we wear to the way we look at the world to the jewellery we wear and, of course, our hair. Your hairstyle choices are practically limitless.

Do you want to lighten up or go dark? Done. Do you wish you could pull off a Balayage or Ombre hairstyle? Done. Want to lengthen, thicken, and maybe even add some colour to your hair without damaging your natural hair? Easy! Because of this, hair extensions are a lifesaver that can help you achieve your style goals.

Adding hair extensions is a simple method to achieve the luxurious locks you've always wanted. You can use a variety of tools and techniques to put in hair extensions, and there are many different kinds to choose from. If you're considering using hair extensions but aren't sure which one would be ideal for you, this article is right for you.

Clip-ins Vs Other Types of Extensions

Since it takes little to no effort to connect clip-ins to your hair, they are regarded as Ready-To-Wear hair. Other forms of extensions can be labor-intensive to install and even require stitching in, which could be quite stressful on your hair and scalp. Since clip-ins don't require heat to apply, they cause far less harm. A skilled hairstylist must also install various forms of extensions including tape-in hair, fusion hair, or wefts. Because you have to wear them for weeks or even months at a time, they also demand a lot of dedication.

Additionally, as your natural hair starts to grow out, they will need maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks. Simply maintaining professional hair extensions might run you anywhere from $200 to $1,000 total. Additionally, because to the increased upkeep needed, tape-in hair and other extensions that use glue run the risk of damaging your natural hair. This is because if the adhesive side is installed incorrectly, it could easily connect to some of the nearby hairs on your head and pull them out.

You could find them a little unpleasant to wear because the adhesive does not provide the same generous flexibility that clip-in extensions have. Additionally, there are extensions for every hair thickness. Sew-in hair extensions, as was previously said, are disliked by many due to their weight and unsuitability for persons with thin hair. On the other hand, clip-in extensions are perfect for all hair densities, whether you have extremely thin or very thick hair.

Reasons for Choosing Clip-in Extensions

If you're on the fence about whether or not to wear clip-ins, here are six compelling reasons to do so immediately.

1. Limit the Likelihood of Breakage and Thinning

Small combs are used for clip-in extensions. This can help you much in preventing off hair thinning and breakage. This is essential for keeping your hair in good condition if it is dry, brittle, or unhealthy in any other way. All you have to do is clip the little combs onto your hair, and they'll stay put. Thus, if they are properly fastened, they will not cause any severe pulling.

Combs are also a fantastic choice for maintaining healthy hair. You won't risk yanking out your hair if you try to remove them. You may avoid damaging your real hair when you take out the clip-in combs the right way. This is because clip-in extensions don't stress the hair at its roots. If you place the extension half an inch from the root, the area can still have enough air circulation to stay healthy even after you've added multiple pieces.

clip in remy hair extensions

2. They're Safe for your Hair and Won't Cause any Damage

When done properly, clip-in hair extensions prevent damage to your scalp and natural hair. One of the quickest ways to permanently harm your skull is to repeatedly subject it to glue or heat, neither of which you will need to do. If you follow the steps carefully and detangle your hair first, the extensions should be easy to clip in.

3. Every Color of the Spectrum

Clip-in hair extensions are a great option if you want to try a new hairstyle but are worried about the potential damage that permanent hair dye could cause. Clip-in extensions are convenient because there is practically no limit to the variety of extensions available.

Regardless of your natural hair texture or length, you may discover the ideal set of hair extensions. Most significantly, you may get the benefits of colouring your hair without putting harmful chemicals into your natural strands. In this way, you can experiment with numerous hair colour combinations until you find one that you like without endangering your hair and scalp with chemical dyes.

4. Your Natural Hair will Continue to Grow Even if you Use Clip-in Extensions

Your natural hair will continue to grow even if you use clip-in extensions. Hair extensions are widely used as a temporary solution for persons who are growing out haircuts they don't like or who just desire longer hair. Assuming you avoid damaging your hair by any of the aforementioned actions, your hair should develop normally.

hair growth

5. Easy to Wash and Maintain

Although extensions have many benefits, they require regular time-consuming upkeep that not everyone is willing to put up with. Given that you're essentially caring for an entire head of hair, extensions require an exceptionally high degree of care and attention. The good news is that clip-in extensions are significantly simpler to maintain. They have far less hair to begin with, which reduces the frequency of hair care.

To clean your extensions, simply take them off your head, comb them out to get rid of any knots, and then wash them in cold water with a moisturising shampoo. Simply hang it up to dry!

6. Achieve a Natural Appearance

When clip-in hair extensions are properly installed, they might give the impression that they are the user's natural hair. Top-notch clip-in hair extensions mimic your natural hair colour and texture so seamlessly that it won't take you long to discover a look that flatters your face. Six to seven inches of hair is ideal for achieving the most natural and undetectable results. By doing so, you may rest assured that the clips will stay put and won't be visible.

natural hair extensions before and after


Clip-in extensions are one of the most convenient and adaptable of the several hair extension procedures available today. Therefore, you should definitely give them a shot. If you have never tried extensions before or have tried a variety of different ways over the years, clip-in extensions are a fantastic option to explore. If you take care of your clip-ins, they will last for years. How frequently you wear and care for your clip-ins will also affect how long they last.

Equally important is the quality of the hair utilised in the clip-ins. As a result, if you want to use extensions frequently, you should invest in a high-quality clip-in extensions even if it costs a bit more. If your natural hair is really thin and you want greater volume that lasts for weeks without having to take damage your hair, clip-in extensions are a great option to explore.

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