Everything You Need to Know About Mhot Hair

When customers are shopping for human hair extensions or weaves, what they are most concerning? First of all, QUALITY. The high quality of human hair products means tangling and shading will not happen, they are easy to maintain, long last and can be styled and colored.

MHOT True Remy Hair

As a manufacturer, we search across the world to source the best quality human hair our customers are accustomed to. Many hair vendors out there claim to have the best “virgin hair”, and we understand the confusion and frustration that some of you may have experienced from them. But quality always comes first, there are no shortcuts. This is our believe.

MHOT remy human hair

How to make sure the high quality is achieved when MHOT human hair products are produced?

1. First of all, the material must be Remy human hair, you may be very familiar with this term because it is often referred to in the market, and it is also one of the most important basic standards of determining premium quality hair products.

2. Remy human hair is real human hair with intact cuticles. Cuticle is the outermost part of the human hair shaft. It is a protection-layer of your hair shaft, which is very essential for your hair. Without its protection, your hair can be easily damaged. All high-quality hair products have one same key point is the INTACT cuticle of the hair shaft. The intact cuticle makes sure hair products have a long life. Under proper maintenance, the hair products with intact cuticle can last more than half of a year. All hair product manufacturers respect hair material with intact cuticles.

3. Another key point you need to know is the cuticle of every single hair shaft of a Remy human hair product must face the same direction. This makes sure tangling will not happen during you wear or maintain your hair product.

Poor quality raw materials are also used by some hair product suppliers. To attract customers, some online sellers label their non-Remy hair products as Remy or Virgin, and then these Remy hair products can be sold at a lower price than those true Remy hair products. You must wonder what raw materials they used for production. Some suppliers often mix animal hair or synthetic fibers with their Remy hair products. They also use non-Remy hair that is fallen hair usually gathered from India. To achieve the texture likes Remy human hair, non-Remy hair materials are soaked into acid solution for removing the cuticle, then coated with silicone. This coating process makes non-Remy hair material silky, lustrous and tangle-free, but it is just temporary, cannot last for a long time. Because the silicon-layer around the hair shaft can be easily washed off. After that the whole thing is different, the hair becomes dry, stiff and matted, looking like synthetic hair product, can be easily damaged. The acid solution they used in the process of handling hair materials is harmful to the human body, can often cause serious skin irritation and allergies.

What’s even worse is that some companies or brands you are familiar with don’t source their own hair. This irresponsible business behavior makes the whole hair industry worse. Ask any of those hair companies and they’ll say “100% Virgin Remy” and “we have factory in [country]” but won’t be able to provide any proof on its origin. It’s easier to buy hair from other companies who purchased their hair from hair collectors that do the laborious work of traveling great distances in 90+ degree heat for less than $5/day.

MHOT Craftmanship

Our skilled craftsmen, a crucial role in the whole production chain, have been maintaining and implementing a value, that is the excellence in the production process.

Mhot hair blend technology

1. The first process is to remove the initial color of hair materials, which also calls de-pigmentation. To extract the natural pigment, raw materials are put into oxidant solutions for washing, this process can last 20 - 25 days, depending on the amount of natural pigment needed to be extracted. The slower this process, the less damage to hair materials. To accelerate this process, some hair product manufacturers use harsh chemicals, which will damage the cuticle of the hair shaft.

2. The second process is pigmentation, which means tone the hair color up to the desired shade. First, pigments are added into a solution that has a constant temperature and PH value, and then, hair materials are submerged into this solution. To measure the variation of hair color in this process, an instrument called color spectrophotometer being used. In these two processes of de-pigmentation and pigmentation, the slower processing of hair materials, the longer life of hair products will have.

3. After hair materials with different desired shades are achieved, we come to the third step, blending. To create the hair color that significantly close the natural human hair color, different shades of strands of hair are carefully blended to increase the color depth and mimic the natural look of human hair.

We believe in transparency and full disclosure and will do whatever is necessary to ensure our customers are happy with our products and services. Whether you’re a new business or a longtime business owner, we will communicate everything you need to know, every step of the way of your ordering process. We are your honest partners, not just an online seller.

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