Ethical Sourcing

There is no doubt that everyone wants fabulous hair, but it is more important to be conscious of the environmental and social impacts of hair purchases. Human hair extensions were once only be available for the rich and famous, but now they become an accessory for modern daily women. In a sustainable and fairy way to make business is Mhot’s principle.

In fact, some hair companies just gather fallen hair from salon or temples. Now in hair market, without proper regulation, the access of getting hair is various, What’s worst, the big business of hair extensions has created an equaling booming black market, it is hard to know whether the hair has been donated, sold or stolen.

Mhot hair are all donated willingly with the full consent of the donors. All are sold or exchanged freely and fairly. Our donors are most from poor family, they are willing sell their hair in order to make an income. Although, this may be controversial, what more important is that our donors make this decision and they are not forced in any way. Our donors are paid a fair wage. 

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