5 Best Wedding Guest Hairstyles In 2022

Whether you are the bride, groom, or guest, a wedding is a big occasion, and like every other big occasion, it demands a special kind of appearance. And we all know the hassle that comes with dressing up for big occasions; but since you are here, and in need of the best wedding guest hairstyles ideas, we've sourced five wedding guest hairstyles in 2022 for you.

But that's not all; we put a lot into consideration to ensure that this list contains wedding guest hairstyles that are simple DIY hairstyles.

Also, whether you have short, long, full, curly, or wavy hair you'd find one suited for you. So, what are we waiting for? Let's dive right into our salon.

5 Wedding Guest Hairstyles in 2022

  1. Braids

    There's a high chance that a vast majority of the ladies would spot long hair, so if you are not someone to follow trends, then you can do braids.

    Braids are gorgeous on any grown, and they are a good fit for big occasions. It's hard to go wrong with this style. They would make you look stunning in any dress you put on. With all of its qualities, it's easy to see why braid will make our best wedding guest hairstyles in 2022.

    Braid Styles You can try:

    • Braided Crown:
      lady wears her hair in a braided crown

      You can try out a braided crown for a royal look.

    • Side Braid:
      lady wears her in a side braid hairstyle

      A side braid is a simple form of braid yet sexy. It's a perfect fit for a dress with a low neckline or a strapless dress.

    • Creative:

      You can go all out and put your creativity to work. You can make small sides braids instead of big ones. This would be a great fit on a simple dress.

  2. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

    The half up and down hairstyles never fails to impress, that's why it's our pick for best wedding guest hairstyles in 2022. Its qualities are numerous. It provides you with beauty, elegance, as well as versatility. It works wonders with all sorts of hair qualities such as long, mid-length, thick, and thin hair.

    Also, it's not limited to a few styles of clothing. It fits any dress style, and it's one of the best styles for big occasions. You can either go for elegant curls or tight braids.

    You won't be short of amazing photos with these hairstyles, and the best part is that you'll look beautiful from any angle, mostly with part of your side face showing.

    Half up and Down Styles you can try:

    • Keep it Simple:
      half up half down hairstyle for straight hair

      You can decide to keep it simple by straightening your hair, and then parting it on top and bottom. Then pull the top half into a loose ponytail and allow it to fall with the rest of the hair.

    • Half up Half down Waves:
      half up half down hair style for wave hair

      You can clasp it loosely on both sides. This would give a stylish style.

    • Thematic Accessories:
      half up half down hair style with hair accessories

      Yes, you heard that right. Adding accessories to hair is not something new, and the results have always proven to be splendid. Spice up your style with some accessories.

  3. Lovely Curls For Wedding Guests

    Now let's move to hairstyles that will leave you dazzling, and romantic. Waterfalls, Fishtail braids, and up-dos are some of the best wedding guest hairstyles in 2022.

    These barbie-like hairstyles are known to symbolize love and royalty.

    Lovely Curls Styles You can try:

    • Mermaid Hair:mermaid curly hair style

      If you have long hair then curls are one great option that you can try. The site of messy, long falling curls is always beautiful to behold. This hairstyle is a good option for wedding occasions.

    • Polished Curls:
      lady with polished curls hair

      Polished curls are a great fit for short and long hairstyles. It guarantees an elegant and sophisticated look. To top it, add a stylish comb or hairpin.

    • Romantic Curls:
      a lady with romantic curls hair

      Curls is all about romance. So why not take advantage of it to add romance to your overall look. You can do this by adding clip in hair extensions to get more volume. Do this, and you are ready for the big occasion.

  4. Slightly Messy Updos

    Do you want to look stylish without trying to look stylish? That's what the slightly messy updos are for.

    Slightly Messy Updos Styles You Can try:

    • Messy Bun:
      messy bun hairstyle

      If you want something simple, then you can try out the messy bun. It's simple but pretty. It's a great fit for rustic, or a boho wedding. It looks good on medium and long hair.

    • Countryside Chic:
      messy low bun

      Still on a list of simple styles to do, you can try curling your bun. Then pull some side locks from the messy low bun, and frame the face with it. This is a good option for a Countryside wedding.

    • Braided Low Bun:
      braided low bun hairstyle

      Low bun has a way of fitting into any style, and any occasion and the braided low bun is no exception. It goes well with several dresses.

  5. Short Hairs

    To the short hair ladies, we keep you in mind. Here are the best wedding guest hairstyles in 2022, that you can try.

    Short Hairs Hairstyles You Can try:

    • Simply Straight:
      lady with short straight hair on hair style

      The simple straight polished look is a chic option. That's why it's very popular. When making it, ensure you achieve a sleek nature. Don't let there be stray hairs or tresses.

    • Bangs:
      lady with bob straight hair on her wedding

      Adding bangs to your short locks is guaranteed to make you stand out. You will be mesmerized by your hairstyle which would become one of the focuses.

    • Pinned Hair:

      Yes! You can style your short hair with pins. Use a stylish pin to pin your sleek straight or curly hair to one side. After that, get ready to rock as a guest.


Queens! We've reached the end of our list of "5 best wedding guest hairstyles in 2022".

We narrowed down the list to five categories for you, so you wouldn't have the headache that comes with one having so many options. Be sure to pick any style you want, and have a nice party.

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