6 Tips for Sleeping with Your Remy Hair Extensions

If you want your hair to look fluffy and thicker, but you do not want to wear wigs, the best option for you is one set of remy hair extensions that add instant length and volume to your existing hair. Women love to add volume to their hair and consider hair extensions would be the best option but wondering how to sleep with them. There is some advice regarding sleeping with your newly acquired hair extension. It would help if you bind your hairs in a braid while sleeping, brush your hair before bed, do not go to bed with wet hairs, use a silk pillowcase, conditioning hair extension overnight.

1. Bind Your Hairs in a Braid While Sleeping

By tying your hair in a braid, you will wake up with beautiful heatless curls. A simple ponytail is a proper style that does not require extra care in the morning.

2. Brush Your Hair Before Bed

Brushing your hair daily before bed will help remove tangle from your hair. The recommended brushing is from top to bottom slowly to avoid damages. Never sleep without brushing your hair.

3. Do Not Go to Bed With Wet Hair

To protect your remy hair extensions, the most important rule is never to sleep with your wet hairs. Damp or wet hair before bed is a terrible thing you do with your extensions and can cause severe tangles, knots, and the worst damages because your hair follicles are frailer when they are wet. If you are a night shower person (most of are), it's essential to make sure that your hair is completely dry before bed. Brushing your remy hair extensions and making sure that they are completely dry are the most important things you can do before bedtime.

4. Use Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is not only good for your skin; it also best for your hair. Silk Pillowcases are better than any other pillowcase because a silk pillow has less fiction to your hair compared to other pillowcases. A silk pillowcase is highly recommended when you are sleeping at home, and a silk bonnet is best when you are not sleeping at home.

5. Cover Them Completely

Covering your hair with a satin scarf before going to bed will help your hair extensions stay in one place. Wearing a bonnet may also reduce the sensation of scratching your scalp.

6. Conditioning Hair Extensions Overnight

You should be thinking about conditioning your hair overnight one time a week, which can help make your hair extensions last longer.

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