3 Ways To Straighten Your Hair Extensions

Getting a hair extension is a good idea as you can instantly add length and volume to your natural hair. Most women get hair extensions as they want to flaunt different styles of hair. Nowadays, hair extensions are made of human hair that is simple to use and can be straightened and dyed. If you want to grab everybody’s attention with straight, long, and shiny hair, here are the tricks you need to learn.

Straighten your hair extensions separately

Are you bored with your curly or wavy hair extensions? You can straighten them and get a completely new look. All you will need is a flat iron and a few minutes. However, you should consider some other factors before embarking on the project.

You can straighten the hair extensions separately or when they are clipped to your hair.

To straighten the hair extension individually, hang the strands on a hanger or any place you find suitable. It is a good idea to wash and air-dry the hair extension to get rid of pollutants and any residue.

Brush the hair strands to remove any tangle or clump. Now, spray a heat protectant on each weft and let it dry.

Remember that Remy hair extensions are made from human hair and can withstand heat like your natural hair. To begin with, set the iron at its lowest heating point and when it gets hot, run it top to bottom on one weft of hair.

You may have to repeat the process to get the weft straight. Take another strand and iron it out. Keep on applying the hot iron till all the strands are straightened. You can change the settings as per your requirement.

How to straighten your hair extension along with your normal hair

If you want to straighten your natural hair so that the hair extension gels well with it, you can straighten them together. Although this method takes more time, it is more effective and gives you a fabulous result.

Wash and brush your hair extension thoroughly and attach it to your natural hair. Brush them together to remove any tangle.

To prevent damage to your locks, apply a heat-protective spray or gel on the hair. It would be easier for you if you start from the bottom. So, take a layer of hair from below your neck and divide it into two parts. Bring them in front and apply the iron on the left side first. Once done, repeat the process with the right side hair wefts.

Move upward and take one layer of hair and iron it until it is completely straightened. As you reach the ears, take a strand of hair from the left temple, straighten it, and move to the right till you reach the right temple.

Check your hair so that all the locks are straightened and look as you desire.

Straighten your hair using a blow dryer

Some people fear that using a flat iron may reduce the life of their hair extension. In that case, use a blow dryer and a smoothing serum to get straight hair.

Wash your hair and towel dry it. Apply hair smoothing serum on the strands and brush your hair when the hair is still wet with the serum. Set the blow dryer to its cold setting and blow-dry your hair strands to get straight and shiny hair.

Don’t forget to take proper care of your hair extensions. Oil them and apply a conditioner for a shiny appearance. Don’t use a flat iron or blow dryer too often.

If you take care of the hair extensions and use the straightening devices judiciously, you can sport any hairstyle without damaging the hair.

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