3 Important Rules for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a lifesaver for those who are struggling with thin hair and long to have long and fuller hair. For short and thin hair, hair extensions can do the magic. Hair extensions can do a lot for you, but you also have to do something for them. Special care of the hair is needed after you put the extensions on to keep them in good condition. 

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in remy hair extensions are great option for those who don’t want to change the look for a long run. Clip-in remy hair extensions will give you exactly what you need. It's really very safe and easy to apply and you can wear these types of hair extensions on daily basis. These extensions are the fastest and inexpensive kind of hair extensions as compared to the glue-ins or sewn-ins.

Here we will be discussing the three major factors that you must know before going for the hair extension procedure. 


1. How to wash


The very first question in your mind must be how to wash your hair extensions. How far your extensions will go is totally depends on the fact how you take care of them. While washing your hair extensions, one of the most important rules that must not be ignored is not to use any sulphate rich shampoo. 

Hair Experts say, your choice of shampoo will decide the quality of your hair extensions. Let’s see how sulphate-free shampoo is the best friend of your hair extensions.

Wash hair

The reason why we should switch to sulfate-free shampoo is that sulphate-rich hair products work really bad on hair extensions as compared to natural hair. Natural hair contains natural oil that our scalp releases. The oil gives natural moisture to the hair and protects the hair to keep its bond strong with the roots. Whereas the extensions are attached far from the scalp and therefore don’t contains any natural oil. Sulphate destroys your extensions and causes hair breakage. 

Avoid using shampoos with excessive oil, as too much oil can also damage the hair extensions. Over moisturizing can cause slippage of the hair extensions, in spite of using shampoo with excessive oil content, use some organic shampoo free of harsh chemicals such as silicon, parabens and sulphate.

Moreover, the fragrance in the shampoos is also made with harsh chemicals and has negative effect on the beauty and the quality of the hair extensions. So it is better to stay away from these aromatic shampoos that can damage your extensions.  

 Hair extensions

Washing our hair extensions too often will cause them to dry out and become fragile, so dry shampoo can be a good option for an instant fresh look. It’s a good hair care tip for you.

In the washing process of your hair extensions, it is wiser to take an expert’s advice, especially when choosing the right shampoo for your extensional hair. Shampoo and conditioners containing sulphate, Parabens, and other harmful chemicals leave your hair making them weak, frizzy, and tangled. The mindful selection of the shampoo and conditioner can not only save your hair extensions but also save the money that you spent on making your thin hair into longer and fuller bangs. 


2. How to maintain


Another major factor in determining the quality of hair extensions is how they are maintained while doing daily chores.

There are several things to keep in mind while maintaining your beautiful hair extensions, but the most important thing that should not be neglected after the hairdo is to keep your hair extensions tangle-free. There is a big risk of tangling, knotting and breaking without proper brushing.Once your hair gets tangled, and it would be an impossible task to bring them back into its previous condition.

Your one mistake can ruin your hair extensions and the hard-earned money that you have spent on your tresses.

Hair extensions knotted

Let’s see how you can keep your extensions tangle-free. Many new sailors on the boat get confused when it comes to brushing their hair extensions.

The frequent questions pop up in their mind such as……
Can I brush my wet extensions?
Should I brush on dry or wet extensions?
How many times should I brush my hair extensions and many more….

According to the hairstylist, it is necessary to comb the hair extensions when it’s wet because, once your hair dries, the tangles will become harder to solve. But brushing the wet hair extensions is quite risky as our hair becomes weaker as compared to when dry. So hair must be handled with extra care.  A special brush with extra soft bristles must be used for detangling the hair extensions. The smooth light-weighted brush with a good grip will effortlessly glide from your hair extensions. You can also use some special hair care serum to smoothen the hair before brushing.

use some hair care serum

There are some points you should keep in mind while brushing wet hair extensions.

First and foremost the water must be squeezed properly with a soft towel. After absorbing the extra water with a towel, we can start brushing. Use only wide tooth comb/brush to detangle the hair. Start brushing the hair in a downward motion. Select small hair portions and comb inch by inch. Start with larger knots and then detangle the finer ones. Do not aggressively jerk the brush through the hair; it will cause breakage of the hair. The best way to brush wet hair is to go slowly. There is no need to rush if you want to keep the beauty of your hair extensions.

comb/brush to detangle the hair


3. How to choose


People often get confused while selecting the right type of extensions for them. The most important thing to keep in mind while buying some extra strands for you is, they must match your hair color. It must not look like fake hair, because hair extensions are not like wigs, which we can wear in any color. These are much like your own hair, so they must blend with your hair to give you that natural look. So it must look 100% realistic that is what exactly everyone wants. 

Having the right type of extension color is good for making your extensions blend and mix match naturally with your hair. You can go 2-3 shades darker or lighter from your hair color that can be blend well and look natural. One should look for the same depth of color not the exact tone. Once the extensions are applied they will cover up the whole head and will look great.

choose hair color 

Hair extensions are available in many colors. You can choose according to the color of your natural hair. If someone is confused about whether highlights, ombre, balayage, or blonde hairs will suit her look or not, then hair extensions are the best option as compared to wigs. The only thing to keep in mind is the color of the tipped area of hair must blend well with the natural hair. 

If you are having a unique color or you are buying hair extensions online you must have the right color to avoid any inconvenience later on. So it is wiser to cross-check the color of your hair extension strands especially while shopping online. Sometimes, the shade may differ in the picture, so it is good to double-check.

MHOT Remy Hair Extensions

You can go for the ombre blonde hair that is the same as the crowned area. It will look fashionable as well as it is better to opt for extensions rather than coloring your own hair. 


Why choosing a clip-in hair extension is a good option?


First and foremost clip-in extensions are easy to wear and easy to remove. You can install them yourself without any help from anyone. Your hair transforms in seconds from thinner to thicker and shorter to longer. It is best option when you are going to parties or some special occasion. It gives a temporary change in your looks. If you don’t want to change your look permanently, then it is the best option for you.

There is no bad effect on your hair as you can remove them and wash them. They are easy to wash and maintain without any fuss. It gives you a 100% realistic look as compared to wigs that look fake. Clip-in extensions can be removed easily and washed easily as compared to sewn-in. There are so many color options available in clip-in extensions. You can easily find out the exact same as our nature hair color.

hair extensions 

While summing up all we can say is hair extensions are the best and most advanced way to add volume to thin hair and length to the short .Clip-in hair extensions can lasts up to 3 to 6 months even if used regularly, but of course must be handled with properly. The process of installing is not so complicated and it is quite successful if done in right manner. Once installed must be washed and maintained properly to keep the quality of the extensions.

All you have to do is to pamper the beauty of your hair!

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