2022 Summer Hair Color Trends for Black Women


Whoever came up with the phrase, "black is beauty", deserves a Nobel Prize for using superlatives to express the undeniable obvious.

Black skin tone, like every other skin tone, is gorgeous in its unique ways. This means that there are fashion and hair color choices better suited for black women.

Speaking of hair color choices, we know you are here to check out the best summer hair color trends for black women. As always, we've got you covered.


How we came up with our lists of 2022 summer hair color trends for black women


We sat down with a group of top hairstylists to narrow down a list of 2022 summer hair color trends for black women. We then divided our pick into two categories, which are: the best single colors, and the best combination colors.

It is important to note that single colors can come in different shades. For example, dark purple and light purple.

So without further ado, let's dive right into our hair salon.

The Best Summer Hair Color Trends for Black Women


Category 1: Single Best Summer Hair Color Trends for Black Women


1. Silver/ Metallic Silver

Silver hair dye can hardly ever go wrong for black women. It's very popular even among common people, and celebrity superstars. Silver hair on black skin would give you uniqueness.

It also shows maturity, courage, boldness, and a warrior spirit. No wonder it's the trademark hair for Storm of the X-Men franchise. Silver is a good summer hair color for black women that you can try out.


2. Autumn

    Autumn is a mix of brown, ginger, and blonde. The result? Beauty and leadership. Autumn is perfect for every season. And it's one of the best 2022 summer hair trends for black women that you can try. Shop this Autumn color.


    3. Red

    Red is a fierce color. Red hair on your black skin tone will always make a statement. Firstly, it allows you to easily stand out. Secondly, it's beautiful and adds a spark to your face.

    Sunlight reflects colors in remarkable ways, and red color is one of those it does a great job with. This is why red is one of the best summer hair color trends for black women. There are different shades of red, so it's better you do a little research before trying.

    4. Pink

    Pink is every woman's natural favorite color, but a pink hair color on black skin tone is a celebrity pick. Yes! This Barbie trademark color can bring anything it touches to life. It's no wonder celebrities like Nicky Minaj made it their trademark.

    Pink has a way of amplifying the beauty of the black women's skin tone. It complements the black skin tone, and both combinations allow the black woman to glow.

    Also, pink has one secret ability that most people don't know about. Pink makes you look like your younger self. If you think you look old or stale, you can make pink hair to give you that youthful vibrancy.

    Pink is a must-try summer hair color trend for black women.


    5. Dark and Light Purple

    Since the black skin tone is dark, any hint of bright clothing or fashion accessories would make it look like an artistic finishing touch.

    Purple hair color can help you get that artistic finishing touch. Purple is somewhat feminine, and it brightens your face, thereby allowing you to stand out.

    The lighter purple would roll back the years for you by making you appear younger. It also has a way of attracting compliments and onlookers.

    The darker shade of purple would make you look more mature, wealthy, respectable, and at the same time, beautiful.

    Be sure to try either one of the lighter or darker purples someday. It's guaranteed to fit a fairly-light dark skin tone, and it's one of the best summer hair trends for black women that you can make.


    6. Green

    Nature has many colors, but green is its signature. The green hair color on your black skin tone will make you look like a forest fairy princess. It's beautiful, and it gives out a hint of your extrovert personality. It makes you look fun to be with. It also symbolizes wealth, productivity, and friendliness.

    Green has many shades you can try. Lime green is one great Mother Nature option. The darker shade of green will make you look tougher and appear like a fairy tale mermaid.


    7. Brown

    Brown can come in many types like Copper. Brown works for any skin tone, including black skin. Brown hair can naturally blend into your appearance. It doesn't give away much to suggest that your hair was dyed. It makes you look mature, experienced, and beautiful.


    8. Blonde

    Blonde is one of the most common hair color choices for many black women, and for good reasons. Blonde has a way of beautifying any skin it touches.

    Blonde isn't flashy like the other colors on this list, but it nevertheless brings out the beauty in your black skin. Blonde makes you look sexy without begging to be seen that way.


    9. Ginger

    Ginger is the perfect mix of red, brown, and hints of orange. Ginger is the go-to color for most black women. It always looks natural on black women, and it commands respect and high esteem.



    Category 2: Combo Best Summer Hair Color Trends for Black Women


    1. Blonde Mix

    Blonde Mix is a really common choice amongst many black women. From combining different shades of blonde to mixing blonde with black or brown and blonde, or platinum blonde, the result is always excellent. It's no wonder top black female celebrities like Beyonce have made it their trademark.

    Blonde is beautiful, and a blonde mix will add more dimensions to your hair.


    2. Ombre Mix

    There's just something about the ombre color combination—it's magical. Whether it's in dress, cakes, or in this case, hair, ombre looks would always stand out. This is simply because the ombre effects don't just look artistic but super-artistic.

    They always look like the working of nature or an advanced computer. Ombre is best suited for long hairs with curls. They are different kinds of amazing ombre mix you can try. Red and black ombres, and Brown ombre, are just a few.


    3. Colorful Highlights

    Colorful Highlights is artistry in motion. It's simply about adding randomly placed hair color to your black hair. You can do this with hair extensions. Clip-ins are a great option.


    4. Multi-Color

    If you have all the time and patience, you can go for multi-colored hair on your black skin. You can do this with a combo of your favorite colors. This style gives you vibes, and it will always stand out and win compliments.

    There are different color patterns you can use for your multi-color hair, so we won't want to limit you by suggesting some. You can do a little research to get samples, or you can put your imagination to work.

    This style is guaranteed to illuminate your environment.  Since the Sun is known to reflect colors, there are no better flashy summer hair color trends for black women, than the multi-color.



    We've reached the end of our list of 2022 summer hair color trends for black women. We made lots of options for you because we know that you'll want to try out different styles at different times.

    You don't have to be burdened by the anxiety of choosing from multiple options, there will always be enough time to try them out one after the other. Enjoy!


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