Lace Weft Clip In

Step 2: Choose length & thickness:

Clip-in Mhot Hair extensions are made from 100% straight remy human hair and come in a full head set.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How Many Wefts Are Included?

Each box of Mhot hair extensions includes a set of 10 wefts. Our extensions are beautifully layered, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your own hair! Use all 10 wefts to add all-over volume, add a few to for more fullness around your face or create a fresh new style.

+ How to Choose The Correct Length?

Choosing your length of hair extensions is as easy as choosing the hair of your dreams. When choosing hair extensions to increase the length of your hair, always stay within four inches of your natural hair length for the most realistic blend. If you desire to extend your hair longer than four inches, we recommend to order an additional pack of hair extensions. This will increase the fullness of your hair in between your natural hair length and the length of hair extensions.

+ How to Choose The Right Thickness?

All Mhot Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy Human hair and sold in full head sets so you only need to buy once to complete your hair transformation. This means the only difference between the sets is the net weight and we offer five different weights: 120 Grams, 140 Grams, 160 Grams, 180 Grams and 200 Grams. Keep in mind that each set has its own purposes and choosing a smaller weight set isn’t better or worse. It all depends upon your natural hair thickness and your hair goals. We offer Clip Ins in lengths of 16,18, 20, 22, 24 inches for every hair length. Even though you can install our Clip Ins without the need of a hairstylist, if you have layers or short hair, it might be best to go to a professional to make the transition smooth as possible.

What Are The Advantages of Clip In Extensions?

Let’s start with the fact that you won’t have to spend hours at the salon, pay salon prices or damage your natural hair anymore. Mhot hair extensions are easy to apply and remove. They’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you have them in!

+ Do I Need to Wash My Extensions Before Wearing?

No, Mhot Hair extensions are ready to wear straight out of the box! Hair extensions are a hygienic product and have been thoroughly sanitized at our factory. They are completely safe to wear right out of the box. 

+ How Long Do Mhot Hair Extensions Typically Last?

The lifespan of Mhot hair is anywhere from 8 - 10 months up to a year or longer, depending on their usage and how they are cared for and maintained.

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