How To Know If Your Lustrous Locks Are Real Or Fake Remy Hair?

Wish to instantly amp up your look? Yes, it's possible. You can have stunning hair instantly. Hair extension adds beautiful tresses to your hair in minutes. 

Human hair extensions are loved by one and all as they work as a quick fix during times when you need more voluminous hair. They are harvested human hair. However, they can vary in quality, length and volume. 

Not every extension is of the same quality. 90% of hair salon owners throw a large amount of money away on fake virgin or Remy hair extensions. These hair extensions are low grade that have cuticles stripped with chemicals that are distinct from the entire natural hair. This makes the extension tough to manage. 

The tangling and matting strip the cuticle from the hair. As a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle and has shorter longevity. UV protection is also reduced. 

Why Is It Difficult To Distinguish Between Real Hair And Artificial Hair?

Ever wondered how certain brands promise to give you Remy hair which is artificial hair? The shine is such that it becomes difficult to distinguish between real hair and artificial hair. Well, one such product is the silicone that gives an illusion of shine to the hair. 

You will notice that hair with silicone is less in weight, which gives rise to limp and lifeless hair. Silicone further prevents moisture from going into the hair shaft. It attracts build up and dirt. 

The low-grade hair extensions have a coating of silicone which goes off after many washes. When the coating is gone, the hair becomes difficult to manage. It causes roughness, frizz and breakage in the hair. 

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What Are Remy Hair and Fake Remy Hair?

Remy's hair is hair that has perfect root to tip alignment. It is not stripped of its cuticle. The outer layer in which the cuticle is intact is of much higher quality than the artificial hair. It lasts much longer than artificial hair. 

The sad part is that there is no regulation over labelling non-Remy hair is Remy's hair. Manufacturers take advantage of this very fact and sell non-Remy hair at a much higher price by labelling them as Remy hair. 

The hair wefts are often made in several lengths of hair. Normally, 18 inches hair is normal. It consists of 20% hair strands of 18 inches, 40% hair of 14-16 inches and the rest 40% of 6-12 inches. The top quality Remy hair has a larger percentage of full-length hair strands. This is mostly called double drawn hair. This implies that the top of the weft and the end of the weft are almost similar. 

Artificial hair has less percentage of longer hair. Therefore, the wig generally has thinner ends which are termed tapered ends. It is also called single drawn. 

The top-notch hair extensions are manufactured from virgin hair. This hair is not dyed, chemically treated. Their natural form is retained. It is cut directly from the donor in a ponytail. 

Which Is The Most Expensive Hair?

Do you know which the most expensive hair is? Virgin hair is the costliest of all hair types available in the market. The light and blonde colour hairs are difficult to find which raises the value of such hair. 

Even some big wholesalers may tell you it's "real" Remy or virgin hair, but they don't even know how to check the source of the hair or test if it's real Remy or fake. Actually, many of the virgin Remy hair extensions are mixed with zero cuticle hairs.

Wish to know some tips to test if the hair extension you have purchased is Remy or artificial hair? Read on further to make an informed decision next time you purchase wigs and hair extensions.

  1. Grip Test

    Grab the hair at the top near the weft banding. If the hair is in bulk, secure it with a hair tie. Slide your hand through the hair. Grip it near the quarter of the way down. Repeat this process at the mid waypoint. Now do it three-quarters of the way down, then clench it just above the tips. 

    Cheap quality hair will be very thin at each step of your grip test. Higher quality hair will be almost the same density all the way through.

  2. Scrunch Test

    Hold the hair by the top. Place your other hand beneath the ends. push it up until they meet the roots. Now cause slight friction in the hair by rubbing your hands together and then release. You can run your fingers through the hair.

    If the hair is real remy hair, fingers slide freely through the hair. The more it snags and gets caught in the fingers, the poorer the quality of hair.

  3. Wet Tangle Test

    An easy means to recognise good quality hair extensions is to accomplish a wet tangle test. This implicates clenching the extensions at the root and wagging them through shampooed water to imitate the washing process. After performing this many times, wash the hair completely in clean water. 

    If you find that the hair cuticles have been reversed with roots and ends and the hairs stick upon each other, establishing a tangled knot near the roots, it's fake Remy hair. This knot cannot be removed even with conditioner or brushing. 

    The tangling happens because the tips of the cuticles are inverted and catch on to each other developing friction. They do not lie flat in a similar direction.

  4. Moisture

    Moisture is without a doubt the sole most important aspect in inferring the way hair extensions look. When the moisture content of the hair falls to 10%, relying on the category of hair and the degree of environmental humidity, hair extensions look straw-like and brittle.

    The difference between elasticity and resistance is the significant moisture level. The pressure and stress from brushing and styling will be more harmful to low moisture hair.

Final Words

For artificial hair, it is crucial to utilize the exact aftercare products that will lengthen the lifespan and deliver sufficient hydration to the hair. Generally, most hair extensions are chemically altered. Virgin unprocessed hair is not processed or chemically altered. Nonetheless, it is still significant to be utilizing the exact products for the hair type and colour.

Next time you purchase Remy hair products, make sure that you do not pay a heavy amount for fake hair.

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